• Sorrow in Ukraine

    Last week, on Feb. 24, Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It’s an event many of us in the diaspora have spent much of the last decade warning could happen, while hoping that it never would.

  • Nothing short of violence

    Alarm bells rang in my head as I read a Winnipeg Police Service news release that warned of a “planned demonstration” in the city’s centre and advised people to “avoid the area.” From my third-floor apartment beside the Manitoba Legislative Building, this was easier said than done.

  • City briefs

    Defunding data open to public// Annual vegan food fest// Harm-reduction workshops// The update on the inner city// Stefanson changes direction on emergency intervention// UW chooses COVID-19 caution

  • Fort Whyte voters to head to the polls

    Constituents of the Fort Whyte riding, located in south Winnipeg, will have their voices heard in an upcoming provincial byelection. This contest was triggered by the resignation of former premier Brian Pallister, the riding’s longtime MLA, last year.

  • CPC at a crossroads

    The past month has been a tumultuous one for Canadian politics. Much of the country has been immobilized by the Freedom Convoy, a series of protests and blockades calling for, among many things, an end to public-health restrictions.

  • Fight or Flight

    For many bird owners in Winnipeg, their feathered friends are more than pets. They are companions, even family members.

  • That is a tasty burger!

    I know, I know. If you live on Broadway and can’t walk to your bus stop without being harassed by anti-vaxxers, a cheeseburger isn’t going to solve that problem. But we all need to find joy in the little things wherever we can, especially these days. And dagnabbit, there’s fewer things more joyful than a tasty burger.

  • ‘Learning to live with the virus’

    The Manitoba provincial government, led by Premier Heather Stefanson, has been giving every indication that it wants to move past the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

  • Waste not, want better

    In 2019, the Riel Community Committee asked the Standing Policy Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management and the Environment to have the Winnipeg Public Service look into enacting a ban on single-use plastic bottles, straws and stir sticks at City facilities, parks and events. Three years later, the City of Winnipeg

  • Restrictions, uncertainty and politicking

    Exactly one year ago, on Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the United States’ 46th president, succeeding Donald Trump. The 45th president’s tenure was a tumultuous time in American politics, which culminated with the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington, DC and Trump’s second impeachment for “incitement of insurrection.”

  • PCs just keep failing on healthcare

    On Wednesday, Jan. 19, Manitoba’s task force on the growing backlog of surgeries and diagnostic tests announced their plans to address this crisis. While it’s good that something is being done, it’s important to remember that this is a mess made by this government’s yearslong assault on healthcare.

  • Regina’s u-turn on public delegations

    On Nov. 24, the City of Regina announced it would ban oral presentations by public delegations at city council meetings. However, during a Dec. 8 council meeting, the City reversed course, deciding to maintain the status quo.

  • Favourite local writer

    1. Cierra Bettens
    2. Ryan Thorpe
    3. Madeline Rae

  • Favourite local public art piece

    1. The toppling of the Queen Victoria statue
    2. Bloody Saturday by Bernie Miller and Noam Gonick / Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei (tie)

  • Favourite local politician

    1. Leah Gazan
    2. Uzoma Asagwara
    3. Adrien Sala

  • Favourite political moment

    1. Brian Pallister resigns
    2. Queen Victoria statue toppled
    3. Wab Kinew interrupts Alan Lagimodiere

  • Favourite Winnipeg neighbourhood

    1. West Broadway
    2. Wolseley
    3. The West End

  • Favourite local live performance (online or in-person)

    1. Propagandhi at the Park Theatre
    2. Begonia -ArtsJunktion Instagram Live auction
    3. Real Love Mini Fest at the Beer Can

  • Favourite local grassroots group

    1. Winnipeg Police Cause Harm
    2. Mutual Aid Society (MAS)
    3. Bear Clan Patrol

  • Favourite local activist

    1. Mahlet Cuff (Justice 4 Black Lives)
    2. Omar Kinnarath (FF1)
    3. Kayla Fernandes (Vagina Witchcraft)

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