• City briefs

    Women’s Memorial March // Next-generation 911 // City to close public pools // Supervised consumption sites in review // Indigenous Wellness centre opening soon // Five suspicious deaths in Carman

  • Edmonton city hall shooting calls security into question

    Winnipeg city councillors are calling for increased security after a man fired gunshots and threw a Molotov cocktail from the second floor of Edmonton’s city hall on Jan. 23. No one was physically injured during the incident.

  • Arts briefs

    A dark day for the arts // A flurry of laughs // A dance double-feature // A concert in the sky(walk) // An intuitive art exhibition // A call for Prairie art books

  • The young and the climate anxious

    Climate anxiety has pushed many young people to jump to action. Noticing their governments are not taking steps to avoid climate catastrophe, they have begun to work together to try to ensure a livable future.

  • Silence=death

    During the AIDS epidemic, queer organization ACT-UP popularized the slogan “Silence=Death” to show that the public pressure to not speak about AIDS was leading to the deaths of queer people who were left without resources or support. Many queer activists have recently used the slogan to show that queer silence is complicity with Israel’s mass killing of Palestinians.

  • City briefs

    Google strikes deal on Canadian news // Mass shooting in West Broadway // Globe and Mail names Winnipeg third most livable city // CN Rail files suit against protesters // Embattled school trustee resigns // True North requests extension on Portage Place redevelopment

  • Favourite political moment

    1. NDP defeats PCs in provincial election

    2. Palestinian solidarity/ceasefire movement

    3. Rally for Trans Youth

  • Favourite local politician

    1. Wab Kinew

    2. Leah Gazan

    3. Uzoma Asagwara

  • Failure to launch

    Canada’s failure to keep its climate commitments reflects the need for more people to do any heavy lifting when it comes to taking climate action and the crisis head-on.

  • City briefs

    Winnipeg rally for ceasefire in Gaza Strip // Off to the Grey Cup // Nygard convicted of sexual assaults // No quick fix for vandalized city bus shelters // Video-chat service Omegle shuts down // Repairing Fort Gibraltar ahead of festival

  • The C word

    On Wednesday, Nov. 15, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sharply rebuked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s rage wasn’t inspired by Trudeau speaking negatively about the Israeli PM. He didn’t even take the basic step of calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

  • City briefs

    Manitoba Public Insurance fights against backlog // Students rally for free and accessible education // Sending medical supplies to DRC // Plans to transform hotel into Indigenous wellness centre // Province funds five Winnipeg-based shelters // Inquest into five deaths in WPS custody begins

  • Safety concerns among Jewish and Muslim campus groups

    Some University of Winnipeg (U of W) students from the Jewish and Muslim communities feel it’s important to use their privilege to stand against the oppression of Palestinians and Israelis caught in the current Israel-Gaza conflict.

  • Love is louder than the dog whistle

    Six years ago, Bryce Byron fled the United States for Canada amid a wave of transphobia.

  • A statement of solidarity

    I am using my editorial note this week to offer a statement of solidarity with The Manitoban, the student newspaper of the University of Manitoba (U of M).

  • Looking beyond the landfill search

    After 10 months of protest, the search for two Long Plain First Nation women is moving forward.

  • NDPs win provincial election

    Manitoba voters cast their ballots on Tuesday, Oct. 3, initiating a wave of change in the provincial legislature. The Manitoba NDP, under the leadership of Fort Rouge MLA Wab Kinew, rode an orange wave to victory, ousting the Progressive Conservative (PC) incumbents and winning a majority.

  • A Tale of two rallies

    On Sept. 20, right-wing groups across Canada organized rallies under the banner “1 Million March 4 Children” to protest Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculums in schools. According to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, these protests were “supported by a big tent of far-right and conspiratorial groups, including Christian nationalists, COVID-19 conspiracy theorists, sovereign citizens and anti-public-education activists.”

  • Supporting the arts at the ballot box

    For artists and arts organizations alike, public funding provides the stability to support a fundamental tenet of the arts: creative risk.

  • In search of trans safety on campus

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) 2SLGBTQ+ Solidarity Collective is hosting a week of events to help reshape conversations surrounding trans issues on campus.

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