The Red River Ex brings a big show in support of agricultural learning

As Winnipeg welcomes the summer and all the fun attractions that come along with it, this year’s annual Red River Exhibition hopes to deliver a fantastic, fun filled 10-day event.

In 2014, over 208,000 people came with their family and friends for entertainment, free concerts, agriculture experiences, shopping and the midway. This year promises to be twice as fun but just as memorable as last year.

The Red River Ex supplies rides, attractions and all sources of entertainment. “We have some of the biggest rides. This is the largest traveling midway in North America, and this year we’re featuring several huge rides,” Matthew Cheung, marketing and communications coordinator for the festival, says.

“The Mach3 is back, and the Remix,” Cheung says, “so those are two new ones that just came last year but we brought them back and they’re really popular.”

On the first night at 11:00 p.m., fireworks will celebrate the first night of a memorable event.

The most anticipated segment of the Red River Ex are the attractions, with opportunities to participate and to witness tremendous talent. Sally Bishop’s trick riding promises to be an exciting one.

“This is a brand new act that we’re bringing in, but basically it’s a lot of stunt riding, it’s focused on precision and apparently she goes pretty fast,” Cheung says. Sally Bishop is the third generation to perform this feat, which she started at age 7.

Her ability to perform incredible physical acts is something you won’t soon forget, and runs June 17-21. “It’s probably going to be one of the big shows that people like to watch,” Cheung says.

All the natural born young singers and dancers, are encouraged and welcomed to be a part of <i>Buckaroo’s</i>; a western musical that allows young cowboys and cowgirls to participate. Be prepared to sing, dance and show off your talent at this event, running June 12-15.

The Red River Ex would not be complete without music, the aspect that gives life to the exhibition. On the Main Stage, a variety of artists will be showcased from The Guess Who, Francesco Yates with Scott Helman, and The Magic Tree House for the kids, just to name a few.

At the Main Stage you can enjoy live, free musical acts and have a chance to examine Winnipeg’s local talent as well. The Community Stage will advertise local talent from dancers to martial artists and even cheer groups, to highlight the unique environment Winnipeggers have to offer.

Apart from the entertainment, free concerts, agriculture and shopping, the Red River Ex runs for a good cause. The Red River Exhibition Association is a self-sustaining, not for profit, volunteer driven association. “One of the key things we try to do is promote agricultural awareness. So we have a lot of educational things,” Cheung says.

Self-sustained through volunteer and government financial assistance, the Red River Ex also partners with sponsors to aid with their cause. They now offer 20 scholarships for students to further their education in a variety of fields from agriculture, to tourism and the creative arts industry.

If you’re into music, midways, animals and fun, step outside and take the family and friends to the annual Red River Ex.

With files from Anastasia Chipelski

Part of the series: The 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide

Published in Volume 69, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 3, 2015)

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