Fairy, magic, love and rainbow vibrations

Winnipeg-born fashion designer Lara Vincent talks about her latest collection and growing career

  • Winnipeg-born fashion designer Lara Vincent’s most recent collection includes a variety of headdresses and medicine pouches. – Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Flowers, leaves, shark teeth and hearts are all part of the many hair accessories Toronto-based fashion designer Lara Vincent creates.

Born in Winnipeg, the 25-year-old holds her “culturally curious, yet minimally populated” home city close to her heart.

“Winnipeg is this magical town that breeds creativity,” Vincent wrote in an e-mail during a trip to New York.

Having studied in Ottawa, Toronto, New York and London, U.K., Vincent has gained a vast amount of experience in the fashion industry.

She never imagined she would be creating her own lines of hair accessories, but looking back on her childhood she recalls wearing various things on her head.

“I would always be wearing hats, bows, devil horns, cat ears, streamers [and] glitter in my hair.”

Vincent was also an apprentice for New York-based designers Betsey Johnson and Samantha Pleet, which increased her ability to be inspired and to dream big.

Traveling so much, Vincent’s creativity has also been inspired by the beautiful cities she’s experienced. In particular, London’s landscapes have influenced the way she designs.

“I loved the way the pastel pink, yellow, blue and off-whites looked with the gray skies and popping flower gardens all complimented each other. I saw a lot of beauty in that city.”

She didn’t see as much beauty while living in New York, although the people and the energy of the city stood out to her.

“I lived in the Chelsea Hotel and the people you bump into while roaming the halls have rainbow vibrations.”

Vincent’s most recent collection, titled “Bite Me,” consists of hair accessories which use an array of supplies she finds all over New York and Toronto.

“I gather shark teeth and ceramic bones for my barrettes at the Natural History Museum and wires from florist supplies shops.”

All of her lovely creations are handmade in five to eight hours.

“I cut out petals in suede and leather and twine them together with wire.”

“Les fleur du mal,” one of Vincent’s previous collections, included witches hats which were made out of blocked felts and buckram. All her creations are not only fashionable, but add that sense of fantasy and magic to an outfit.

Fairy. Magic. Love. These are the three words she uses to describe her personal style, which is reflected in all of her designs. Also, she looks to Milla Jovovich as her fashion icon: “I fancy her style.”

Vincent remains determined to reach her dreams and hopes to someday expand her collection to include more accessories and even clothing.

“I have a really big dream and to make it come true, I have to push myself in this direction. I am destined to do this.”

Published in Volume 64, Number 3 of The Uniter (September 17, 2009)

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