The Uniter 30

Hey, it’s that Uniter 30 issue.

We asked you to vote on your favourite local people, places and things of 2014. We tried to find categories that interested our readers. Yes, we’d love to include every type of restaurant and every type of dancer, but as some of us ex-Uptown contributors can attest, that is a lot of categories to get through so we’ve kept it at 30. You’ll see some people that won last year, some names that regularly appear in the paper and a few surprises. 

Yeah, normally we put out the Uniter 30 as our December issue, and it sits on the shelf for a month while the students take a break, and everyone smiles if they liked what got picked or they complain if they don’t like what got picked. But when I went to tabulate the votes (a task that took me two days last year) I realized that a lot more people submitted ballots. Last year there were 194 ballots, while this year there were 1,506 (two of which were handwritten). I’m guessing it took me about 70 hours to tabulate everything. So you’re getting this issue now (I almost abandoned the concept entirely in favour of a cute puppies issue, but then I’d have to choose WHICH cute puppies to include and I got stressed out). That being said, thank you SO MUCH FOR ALL THE VOTES.

We then asked our writers to talk to these people, visit these places and hold(?) these things that you voted for. Some people took pictures of them, while other people drew pictures of them. It all turns into this thing in your hands RIGHT NOW. I think it’s a decent representation of what makes up Winnipeg, or at least what a Uniter reader is into. Not your favourite stuff? I don’t know what to tell you.