New Names, Old Names

We’re beginning our new rotation of columnists, and I look forward to sharing their first pieces over the next four weeks. This week, Frances Koncan’s column, Outdigenous, makes its debut, and questions the relevance and usefulness of diversity panels in theatre and beyond. Check it out on page 12.

You’ll also be reading more from some of our newer faces at the paper, in case you haven’t noticed their work already in the past few issues. On the cover, our comments editor Sam Swanson examines the history and local usefulness of bitcoin.

In arts and culture, Jaz Papadopoulos surveys what could be seen as declining arts coverage in the city, and also highlights some corners where thoughtful pieces remain. And our city editor Danelle Granger has an interview with Dr. Chantel Fiola for this week’s PROFile on page 16.

You may have also noticed new work by arts reporter Charlotte Morin, who’s writing about Nuit Noire and safer spaces for dance parties. This week, city reporter Dylan Morin set his sights on brownfields and the future of the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre.

Over the past few weeks, it’s been a wonderful treat to welcome these newer faces to our team at The Uniter as we all begin to get used to the rhythm of the publication cycle.

We’re also so very lucky to have many of our solid staff from past years sticking around to continue building their skills. I hope that as you flip (or scroll) through this issue, you’ll be inclined to take a moment to notice the names - newer and older - attached to each piece of work that went into this issue.

There are often hours and hours of work behind every byline, or photo/illustration credit. It takes all of our collective efforts to make this paper happen every week, and I (for one) am incredibly grateful for every contribution.

-Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 72, Number 3 of The Uniter (September 21, 2017)

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