Volume 72, Number 3

Published September 21, 2017

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  • Crypto-currencies: Cryptic or Critical?

    Winnipeg’s crypto-community covets a currency, and Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs) are popping up around the city.

  • New Names, Old Names

    We’re beginning our new rotation of columnists, and I look forward to sharing their first pieces over the next four weeks. 

  • Whose House? George and Jennifer’s House!

    Teaching has been a constant factor in the lives of George Buri and Jennifer Cheslock. Buri, a history educator at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, first began teaching in 2009, shortly before Cheslock moved on from her gig as a high school art teacher to work in theatre.

  • Arts Briefs

    Free Yoga at Wecc // Ethics of Security // Zaba album release // WAG partners with Iqaluit International Airport // Queer and Present Danger returns // Amy Goodman in Winnipeg

  • Nuit Noire illuminates Black voices

    Nuit Blanche: the name says it all. The French term means “sleepless night,” but the social and cultural implications of the words speak for themselves.

  • Faith Healer - Try ;)

    Try ;), Edmonton act Faith Healer’s sophomore album, begins in medias res, with the drone of a dial tone.

  • Critipeg: Stalker

    A surreal and sprawling sci-fi meditation, Stalker is set in a dystopian future society whose fabric is forever altered by the appearance of “The Zone,” a mysterious geographic space of seemingly otherworldly origins.

  • A safer space to party

    Safer spaces are gaining popularity at festivals and nightlife events. The notion of a safer space varies with the circumstances.

  • Arts writing is digitalizing, not dying

    Print arts coverage is on the decline. Some in the Winnipeg arts scene believe coverage is just moving towards digital platforms.

  • Outdigenous

    It’s an exciting time to be an Indigenous artist.

  • News Briefs

    Wi-Fi on buses // Burger Week // Psychology Colloquium // Riley Fellowship Lecture // Waterslide demolition

  • Indian and Métis Friendship Centre plans to go on

    Winnipeg’s Indian and Métis Friendship Centre (IMFC) was founded in 1958 to provide a space for urban Indigenous people to meet and form supportive communities. Within the last nine months, however, turmoil made the Centre’s future shaky.

  • City brownfield strategy taking time

    Old industrial sites can be a headache for cities to deal with, but they can also an opportunity for sustainable city growth, two city councillors say.

  • Tony’s Canteen reopens in Leatherdale Hall

    Tony’s Canteen (Tony’s), found in Leatherdale Hall, officially opened for business on Wednesday, Sept. 6. Although Leatherdale Hall is new to the University of Winnipeg, Tony’s has already seen many years in the downtown campus.

  • Do you know about the unions on campus?

    Of the four workers unions active on the University of Winnipeg (U of W) campus right now, three have collective agreements that will end in the next few years.

  • PROFile: Chantal Fiola

    Professor Chantal Fiola reflects on the publication of her first book.

  • Don’t ya put it in yourself

    Menstrual cups aren’t one-size-fits-all. Countless articles weigh the size, shape and feel of the most popular models, and some writers talk about finding the “Goldilocks cup” – the one that fits just right.

  • Un-Supermarket


  • Fashion Streeter

    Both my grandmothers were into textiles, and that was a huge influence on me. I like to buy Canadian and American products, and I love the ’80s.