New Bothwell Wine and Cheese Festival

Town celebrates the tasty products they’re best known for


New Bothwell is known for the many varieties of cheese produced by the Bothwell Cheese Company, so when attendance at the town’s fair began to dwindle, the organizing committee decided to try something new. 

“We thought what better than to have a wine and cheese?” committee member Edna Vogt says. “The first year we had a successful day from the first time we had it. And last year we had a sellout for tickets, so it just seems to get better every year.” 

“We’re reaching a lot more of our fans now. People sometimes come out in limos from the city, and make it like a whole event,” Megan Deaust, marketing manager for Bothwell Cheese says. 

Winnipeg wine retailers Banville and Jones supply the wines, and also provide ticketing and advertising for the event. 

“Banville will tell (Bothwell Cheese) what kind of wines they’re bringing, and then they will pair the cheese with that certain kind of wine,” Vogt says. 

The tasting event is held in an enclosed tent, so that cheese can be nibbled rain or shine. Local shops also bring in a selection of meat to try, as well as oils and vinegars. And of course there will be bricks of cheddar (and other flavours) for sale to take home as a souvenir. 

All the pairings come from Bothwell’s regular selection of cheeses, which boasts 25 varieties, Deaust says. 

“Everyone will get a little booklet, so if you like making notes in your program, bring a pen so that you can write down which pairings you liked and make notes on which cheese you want to buy 

Published in Volume 70, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 2, 2016)

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