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The International Cello Festival of Canada.
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On June 2 at the West End Cultural Centre there’s going to be a battle, bands versus filmmakers. Who comes out triumphant, which artist reigns supreme, only time will tell.

In reference to this interesting mish-mash of talent, Dave Barber from the Cinematheque confirms that, “This event promises to be one exciting night.”

The idea behind Bands vs. Filmmakers is to match local film talent with local music talent, and to see what happens when their mediums mix. Each filmmaker has made visuals to a certain act’s music.

On the music end, there are four serious acts to look forward to. The Shallow End (featuring members of Novillero), The Jaxon 3 (featuring former D Ranger Jaxon Haldane), Nathan, and John K. Sampson are all performing to the visuals of a local filmmaker. Besides playing a set, John K. Sampson is also hosting the event.

Drawing from Winnipeg’s copious pool of filmmaking talent, four exciting artists are providing visuals for the evening. Clint Enns, Heidi Phillips, Mike Maryniuk and Aaron Zeghers are all seasoned camera wielders, making the prospect of seeing their visuals tailored to a local act’s sounds very exciting.

Bands vs. Filmmakers is a fundraiser for the Cinematheque, which like any arts institution in this city, is in need of some financial support. In aid of their cause, the Cinematheque has put together a killer bill.

This exciting event will certainly benefit from the quality of talent involved. As Barber puts it, “These are all amazing artists.”

-Trevor Graumann



There’s always room for cello.

The International Cello Festival of Canada, presented as part of the Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada celebrations, will take place from June 15 to 19 in venues throughout the city.

The event will gather approximately 60 cellists to participate in a variety of chamber works for cello, in solo recitals and in performance of concertos with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and a gala presentation co-produced with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

“Cello festivals are growing in popularity throughout the world, but this is the first time such an event has been held in Canada,” says Alix Sobler, the marketing and communications coordinator for Winnipeg Cultural Capital of Canada. “We are engaging many local music institutions and musicians, and bringing in many nationally and internationally renowned musicians as well.”

The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra will perform the world premiere of the Concerto for Two Cellos by the Vancouver-based composer Jocelyn Morlock, and the final gala concert will be with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in Winnipeg’s Centennial Concert Hall.

The festival will also include masterclasses with Frans Helmerson (Sweden), Colin Carr (United Kingdom), Natalia Gutman (Russia) and Desmond Hoebig (United States).

Winnipeg’s own Minna Rose Chung, Rafael Hoekman and Yuri Hooker are also scheduled to appear at the festival.

A festival pass is $109 (students $40, seniors $99). Prices vary for individual concerts.

For more information and a full schedule, visit or call 475-1779.




After being in different bands that all fell through, Matt Curry came together with Ben Rissin and Patrick Cheater to form The Peaches in 2006.

“Right after high school we got together … we didn’t play our first show until I guess 2007,” Curry says during an interview at Second Cup on Osborne Street.

After almost five years, The Peaches have released their debut, self-titled EP, with what has been described as a Primus/Tool sound, and bizarre song names such as Broken Magic 8-ball Says Definitely Yes.

“We are doing new music, I guess,” Cheater says. “Like alternative scales and harmonies, and just [making] something that doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio.”

Curry adds that the band recorded the disc with Rissin’s father, which allowed them to spend as much time as they needed on each track.

“[He] is a recording engineer, so luckily for us we were able to do most of the recording in his home,” Curry says.  “He was very easy to work with.”

The Peaches have shared the stage with local acts like Electro Quarterstaff, Velodrome, Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew and L’Viv, as well as out-of-town acts like Toronto’s dd/mm/yyyy and Calgary’s This City Defects.

The EP is available at Into the Music, Music Trader and War on Music. Hear tracks from the disc at and

–Shanell Dupras

Published in Volume 65, Number 26 of The Uniter (June 2, 2011)

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