Volume 65, Number 26

Published June 2, 2011

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  • Fashion Streeter

    Fashion is about what comes from within.
  • More than just a party

    “I hate electronic music” is a sentence commonly heard by Nathan Zahn.

  • Sex, Stories & Secrets

    A golden age is upon us wherein the mistresses and masters, from the Mezzanine Dungeon offices of The Uniter, are granting your deepest, and darkest desire.

  • Long distance relationships

    Last year, local indie film production team Astron-6 inked a deal with B-movie crusaders Troma Entertainment to fund and distribute Father’s Day, a violent revengesploitation comedy about paternal love gone awry.

  • Popular jazz musician, hip-hop collaborator appeals to a wide audience

    Even if you’ve never heard of jazz pianist Robert Glasper before, the list of acts he’s associated with might be enough to pique your interest and get you to come to his first-ever Winnipeg concert at the end of this month.

  • High school homophobia and harassment

    A large-scale statistical study conducted by Winnipeg researchers indicates that homophobia is a profound problem in public schools throughout Canada.

  • Ten days and nights of jazz set to get the downtown swinging

    Winnipeg’s music festival season will start with a bang later this month as the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival welcomes a star-studded lineup of artists to join with local talent.

  • Lack of water crisis on First Nations reserves needs addressing

    Imagine that you and your family are living in a northern First Nation community. In addition to the harsh living environment, you lack a necessity that most people take for granted — access to running water.

  • Joshua McNeil: The future of the Green Party

    Over the last several years, Canada has seen a downward trend in the participation of young people in the federal political process.

  • Artist explores new way of making photographs with large, homemade wooden camera

    Andrew Milne is an artist with a knack for creating the inspiring.

  • A resounding success

    The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom is a near flawless film, and quite possibly the best locally produced film in the last decade — and I’m not just saying that because it was shot here.

  • Thanks for the memories?

    Without running the risk of slipping into hyperbole, it is safe to say that Star Wars has spawned the sort of fanatical devotion generally reserved for cult leaders and teen pop stars.

  • Crumbling infrastructure could bring more revenue

    After a federal election campaign noticeably silent on urban issues, the newly elected majority Conservative government may be getting ready to heed the demands of struggling municipalities across Canada.

  • More music this month

    More music this month

  • Recent Canadian election shows opportunity to have a centrist voice

    The May 2 federal election shook the political landscape. For the first time in a while, Canada is going to see a very polarized parliament.

  • More than just Harper’s hypocrisy

    After a cynical campaign that invested more time in fear mongering over a “reckless coalition” than communicating bold policy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won a commanding majority of 166 seats in the House of Commons.

  • Why I don’t want to go to heaven

    For the past few months, American radio minister Harold Camping has been predicting that the Rapture would occur on May 21, 2011.

  • Better after all these years

    After eight albums and performing together for over 18 years, Blonde Redhead’s lead vocalist Kazu Makino describes the progression to what the band is now in one word:

  • A good plan is hard to find

    The University of Winnipeg’s Institute of Urban Studies will soon publish a collection of speeches made by the Winnipeg-born city planner Earl Levin.

  • ‘Inevitable’ new exhibit an amalgamation of local talent

    “Expect unreasonably elaborate and needlessly complicated illustrations with very recondite visual storytelling,” local artist Randy Ortiz says of Invasive Species, an upcoming art exhibit featuring his work along with Ben Bonner’s and Andrew Lodwick’s.