Modern Convenience

Photo Essay by Callie Lugosi

Barchets Grocery at 866 Westminster Ave.

Your local convenience store may be the place where you buy your cigarettes and snacks. To others, it’s a place to send Western Union money transfers to family overseas. Local stores have our backs when we’re in a pinch for groceries, or when we really need painkillers and we really don’t want to walk to the drugstore. Your neighbourhood convenience store is a vital part of its respective community, and this is an homage to them.

Inside at Barchets Grocery.

K&D Foods at 652 Jefferson, aka "the Kit Kat store", as referred to by the neighbourhood kids.

Okay Groceries at 952 Sherbrook Street.

Y-Not Foods, located at 501 Ellice Avenue.

Y-Not Foods, is located at 501 Ellice Avenue.

Mi Sun Seo, owner of Y-Not Foods on Ellice.

Sweet things for sale at Y-Not Foods on Ellice.

Cards for various occasions and frozen goodies at Y-Not on Ellice.

E-Mart Convenience at 157 Scott Street.

Inside E-Mart on Scott Street.

Published in Volume 71, Number 6 of The Uniter (October 12, 2016)

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