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  • Perception shift

    “I think we should see other people” used to be nothing more than a somewhat cliché breakup line, but more recently, it seems the phrase has taken on more nuance.

  • Favourite Winnipeg neighbourhood

    1. West Broadway
    2. Wolseley
    3. The West End

  • Reimagining Nuit Blanche

    Nuit Blanche Winnipeg is one of the city’s most anticipated fall events, typically spanning across the core urban area with multitudes of art installations running late into the night.

  • Round Up: 2SLGBTQIA+ Winnipeg

    Openly queer businesses and explicitly queer-friendly spaces have come a long way. Among the many queer-led initiatives and businesses, here are a few newer or less-heard-of ones to celebrate.

  • A room of one’s own

    Winnipeg is known across Canada as being an ideal place for artists to hone their practice.

  • A conversation with Shoog McDaniel

    Photographic artist and fat liberation activist Shoog McDaniel will give a talk at the West End Cultural Centre (WECC) on March 10 as part of the Uniter Speaker Series. The talk will be hosted by comedian and local television personality Issa Kixen. 

  • Favourite Local Gathering Place

    1.    The Forks
    2.    Club 200
    3.    The Good Will Social Club

  • Favourite Local DJ

    1.    Mama Cutsworth
    2.    DJ J Jackson
    3.    DJ Co-op

  • An (incomplete) queer history: Winnipeg drag

    While RuPaul’s Drag Race sits at the forefront of drag representation in popular culture, there’s much more to the art form than simply female impersonation. Behind every drag performer, there are local histories spanning many decades.

  • Whose House? Mannon’s House!

    Mannon Smalley has been fronting local band Silence Kit for the past three-and-a-half years.

  • (Re)presenting Fashion

    Fashion is bought. Style is what’s made with it. Personal style choices and the act of choosing how to present ourselves is that of taking a mutable and intangible thing and visualizing it, making it palpable.

  • Whose House? Carol-Ann’s House!

    Carol-Ann Bohrn is known locally for work as a dancer. She most recently appeared in The Threepenny Opera, put on by Sick + Twisted Theatre and AA Battery Theatre.

  • Whose House? Bret and Adara’s House!

    Bret Parenteau and Adara Moreau make noise music under the respective monikers B.P. and Body of Intrigue. 

  • Falling into place

    Coming of age provides a deep well of emotion from which to draw artistic inspiration. According to Dinner Club, their hard-hitting, driven punk songs feature a touch of it all.

  • WINNER: Like ”sitting in the shower”

    Bassist Alex Braun and guitarist Nick Lavich played in a band together in high school. That band was called Cataract.

  • Defying expectations with honesty

    Darla Contois’ passion for theatre was first sparked by a production of award-winning Métis playwright Ian Ross’ Baloney! when it visited her high school.

  • Whose House? Audrey’s House!

    Audrey Mercado describes her decorative style as a “broke version of mid-century modern,” complete with wood panelling, accents and furniture.

  • Favourite Local Dancer

    1. Carol-Ann Bohrn
    2. Jill Groening
    3. Rachelle Bourget

  • An (incomplete) queer history

    Queer history is everywhere, scattered throughout all kinds of archival records.

  • Public waterworks

    Breaking down in front of a boss, many moons ago, was the beginning of the end of my time at my job. 

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