Volume 71, Number 6

Published October 12, 2016

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  • Printless news

    This spring, we tried an online-only version of The Uniter for reading week. This fall, we got a second reading week, and so we’re continuing on with this tradition.

  • Seeking the snitch

    Whomping Willows bring quidditch to life

  • Whose Cats? The Uniter’s cats

    The Uniter staff cat-bombs you with cute cat photos of our cats

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Made By You // Noah Derksen comes home // UWpg Film Festival // Being Greene // Holistic Living Expo

  • Keeping it fresh on social media

    How to navigate fast-moving meme culture

  • Learning to appreciate art

    Nobody in their right mind would call me cultured.

  • Focus on the story

    As technology improves, great photography becomes more accessible. When a sizable chunk of the population carries a camera around in their pockets, what makes a professional photographer special?

  • Barbarian invasion

    Will society collapse if people go barefoot in public? Probably.

  • Giving Netflix the nix?

    Streaming video is the future of home entertainment, but it’s also not always easy to be a streaming customer in Canada.

  • Caribou in Motion

    Video - Gabrielle Funk creates a commission piece

  • Modern Convenience

    Photo Essay by Callie Morris

  • Well, That’s Garbage

    Paddle Your Own Paddleboard: My Attempt at the Solo Vacation

  • News briefs

    Freaky fitness // Free environmental conference // Autumn convocation // University address // New habitats // Learn about refugees

  • Barriers to biking

    Cyclist safety and transportation infrastructure in Winnipeg

  • Dissolved hopes

    Road project to connect Winnipeg to remote communities defunct

  • Take Action!

    Join the social justice movement

  • PROFile - John Anchan

    When it comes to research, and life in general, John Anchan of the Faculty of Education prefers to have a little variety. 

  • Bikes and buses don’t mix well on roadways

    Interactions between the two vehicles not well planned out in Winnipeg

  • Seven Reasons Why I Love Fall Reading Week

    Because we’re all behind on schoolwork or Netflix or both

  • Fashion Streeter

    "When you're in Winnipeg, you have to dress warm."