Mix it up

Illustration by Bryce Creasy

This, our last regular-ish paper of the year, is somewhat unconventional. You won’t see our regular sections or some of our consistent features. This is one of our few themed publications – The Urban Issue. We’re all on the same page, but from many different angles.

For this issue – our last issue of the school year – we’re considering what makes up Winnipeg, what makes it awesome, what could be better. And for many of these articles, we’ve taken the time to go a bit more in-depth. 

We’re taking up the literary equivalent of the whole back bench on a Winnipeg Transit bus (a half-empty bus though, because we all know that if the bus was full, that would be just plain rude).

We hope you enjoy flipping through these full-page longer reads and getting to know yourselves better. This is your city too, and perhaps there are a few weird corners left in it that you haven’t met yet. 

We’ve also made space for you to get to know some of us better. Our visual team put together a few full-page photo spreads, so we could give you a peek into the artistic minds that fill these pages with imagery week after week.

And with this issue, the weekly practice of greeting you in this editorial note, and passing fresh papers out onto stands throughout the city, will be slowing down a bit. 

We’ll leave you with these colourful pages until early June, when our Summer Festival Guide hits the stands. And then in early September, we’ll pick up regular publishing again.

But though we may be down to two special papers and two staff over the spring and summer, we’ve still got some fun plans in the mix. Keep up with us on social media for online exclusives, giveaways and announcements.

We hope you enjoy exploring Winnipeg in these pages, and we’ll see you around.

Published in Volume 71, Number 26 of The Uniter (March 30, 2017)

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