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March and August Underthings

March and August was created to celebrate the bodies of those who wear it, regardless of shape or size. “I want all people to appreciate their bodies for what they are, what it does for them and to question why they think the things they do about their bodies,” Alesha Frederickson, the designer behind March and August, says.

For summer, an assortment of bralettes, underwear and the highly anticipated playsuit come in coral and pale blue. The colour scheme, Frederickson says, was inspired by Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. “I based the colours and overall idea off the main characters from Moonrise Kingdom and the journey they take to meet each other. There is this really funny dance scene on the beach and it just made me giggle. Also they are dancing in their undies on the beach so it just spoke to me. I always want my clients to dance around in their M&A's.”

March and August’s summer line will be available online at

Juniper and Clementine

Many young women will agree: the structured, often constraining bra is on its way out. Its more comfortable cousin, the bralette, is having a moment in the spotlight. Just ask Rachel Shapera, the maker behind Juniper and Clementine, whose signature look is an elastic bralette coupled with a wrap skirt and topped off with a kimono.  

Shapera found inspiration for the eclectic look close to home, in “the streets of the ‘peg, the epic backpacking ladies rocking their rags and tons of layers.”

For Shapera, sewing has always been her favourite form of creative expression. “Sewing is the perfect outlet. My grandma sewed, my great grandma and her mom too,” she says.

Fashion has always been high on the list for Shapera, and Juniper and Clementine is about making women feel their best. “Fashion has always been a priority for me. Putting on my favourite dress makes me feel like Audrey, and that what I want women to feel like when they wear my items.... Like Venus emerging from her shell.”

Juniper and Clementine clothing can be purchased through either the Facebook page ‘Juniper and Clementine’ or Instagram @juniperclementine

tony chestnut

Chances are you’ve seen one of tony chestnut’s signature pieces, the sheer smock, worn around town. Versatile as it is beautiful, the dress can be worn in endless different ways. Jill Sawatzky makes clothes that are wearable as they are beautiful.

“I like the wearer to be able to integrate the garment in with their existing wardrobe and in with their lifestyle. I love watching women make the clothing work for their bodies and for their lives,” Sawatzky says.

Alongside the smock, the tony chestnut summer collection features a raw silk noil dress, with a hemp appliqué on the shoulders

“You can wear the [little black dress] as a tunic over jeans, or pop it over a tshirt to wear as a jumper... But it also looks terrific worn on it's own with a pair of heels. And the sheer frock looks great worn over top of anything from a white collared shirt with jeans, to a slip dress,” Sawatzky says.

“The tony chestnut woman is expressive and creative in the way she dresses, while remaining comfortable and functional.”

Browse the collection online at

Part of the series: The 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide

Published in Volume 69, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 3, 2015)

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