Human Music


With most of the music industry relying on computers and machines to play music, the local indie band Human Music takes it back a few decades to when the music was still played by humans.

Their latest album (which is also called Human Music) was released back in December of last year. This album consists of a blended style of folk and punk. Their sound feels like it was heavily influenced by the British pop of the ’60s and the American folk of the ’70s.

Most of the songs are upbeat and have a high energy behind them. An exception is the chill, low-tempo instrumental song “King Chrome,” which gives the album a nice contrast.

The dominating part of each song is the riff that starts at the beginning and is consistently referenced until the end. The riffs are catchy and interesting to listen to but could benefit from more variation to expand their musical ideas.

A highlighted song on Human Music is called “Sending Messages” and is about a social disconnection from the rest of the world.

Lyrically, this album deals with some intriguing topics, while at the same time musically creating a positive and relaxing vibe. They sound like a fun band to hear live with their personalities and charisma being reflected in their music.

The album was recorded with a crisp and clear sound with all the instruments mixed nicely together. You can check out the album Human Music at Human Music’s Bandcamp page.

-Alex Roberecki

Published in Volume 72, Number 21 of The Uniter (March 15, 2018)

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