Volume 72, Number 21

Published March 15, 2018

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  • Accessibility and inclusion

    Persons with disabilities often face a lack of accommodation, support and funding, as well as experiencing widespread bullying and exclusion, according to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

  • Accessing stories

    We’ve got a bit of an accessibility theme happening in this issue.

  • Whose House? Damien’s House!

    Filmmaker Damien Ferland’s work often deals with the absurd and comedic. 

  • Arts briefs

    Solhounds // Baking Show casting call // REAL Slick // Sign of a Place // North End theatre workshops // Want to get published?

  • Accessing music through visual art

    Winnipeg musician and storyteller Raine Hamilton believes music should be accessible to all and has been putting this into practice in both her music and her performances.

  • Unconventional spaces for growing

    Houseplants need care that mimics their natural environments. 

  • Human Music

    With most of the music industry relying on computers and machines to play music, the local indie band Human Music takes it back a few decades to when the music was still played by humans.

  • Sea Levels

    Laine Groeneweg’s Sea Levels is a collection of works derived from aquatic dreams. Utilizing traditional printmaking techniques dating back centuries, Groeneweg’s work examines oceanic imagery with a storybook cadence and a fairytale sense of darkness.

  • Crystal Clear

    With the holiday season passed and spring on its way, many of us have gone to family get-togethers, and many of us have some coming up.

  • News briefs

    Virtuosi presents “Palette of Colours" // Producing gang territories // Cultural appropriation panel // Pilot of crisis text line for kids // Pinball Popup Arcade at Forth

  • Behind the rock wall

    Youth for Christ's (YFC) decision to build near the North End has stirred up some controversy.

  • PROFile: William Rory Dickson

    Professor William Rory Dickson began teaching at the University of Winnipeg in 2015 in the Religion and Culture Department. 

  • Clean and Clear Concrete

    Weather in Winnipeg means watching a snowman melt one day, then adding an extra coat of snow the next. 

  • Bodies as burdens

    Society has labelled persons with disabilities and neurodivergent people as burdens for the past several centuries. 

  • Bird and Astro

    A comic by Eric H.