The new moon in Aquarius presents unique circumstances.


Today’s Sun-Uranus square can put the pressure on, dear Aries, but it’s better not to rush anything right now. If you have yet to acknowledge a need to make changes in your practical affairs or with a friendship, you may experience some tension. But through this process, you can awaken to new ideas and possibilities for improving your life. Consider that people may be emotionally excitable, or there can be many distractions, but look for the opportunities to grow, learn, and understand yourself, your relationships, and your projects more completely. Try not to get stuck on old habits and methods, and instead, look to push your boundaries just enough to get to a new level of understanding. As the day advances, you’re more likely to see ways to improve, particularly with income, finances, work, health, and daily routines. There can be new ways of doing old things or new projects altogether that excite and inspire you. You could be feeling especially happy with what you’re doing, your work, or the expert way you deal with your daily affairs.


Today’s Sun-Uranus square brings uncooperative energies surrounding a partnership, parent, or boss to your day and week, dear Leo. A sense of moving forward is with you, but it’s best to avoid quick reactions since the tendency to react or to be abrupt and loud about making changes can lead to unnecessary trouble or misunderstandings. It can annoy you if others are too impersonal with you now, but it’s best not to play into it. Instead, find ways to enjoy yourself without counting on someone else. However, a matter may need your attention, and this transit can bring it to the surface. As the day advances, energies especially inspire increased confidence in your practical affairs, self-worth, and long-term professional or financial goals. You may enjoy a release from restrictive circumstances, such as the end of a payment plan, a bonus or income increase, or a new venture that gives you more freedom or independence.


A Sun-Uranus square early today can generate some tension, dear Sagittarius. You’ll feel this more intensely if you’ve been consumed by your studies, contacts, or projects, and a chaotic feeling emerges in other areas of your life. Aim to know your limits and respect them, or else you’re likely to feel too scattered to be very productive. If you’ve been suppressing frustration, this can be a time when it surfaces unexpectedly. Stress can aggravate problems, so do what you can to relax. Your mind may be latching onto a dilemma or issue, and it can be complicated to pull yourself out. This can also interfere with achieving your goals or handling your priorities. Today’s energies are lovely, however, for helping you pinpoint what parts of your life could do with an update or serious improvements. Especially as the day advances, you might open your eyes to new ways of taking care of the practical side of life that are empowering and freeing. Super energy is with you for your career, work, health, income, and major life goals.


There can be scattered energy, but there is something to learn at the end of the day, dear Taurus. With the Sun’s transit, your ambitions are strong, and your need for accomplishment is particularly compelling at this time of year. Still, some of these drives feel a little much, or they are running counter to your drive to be yourself, express your independence, and live authentically. The results of this clash may amount to just a bit of tension or a lot of it, depending on how things go! For best results now, avoiding abrupt moves or dramatic stands is best until you process your feelings and understand possible consequences. Aim to tone down rough edges and consider ways to make changes without making so many waves. Watch for a defensive, impatient, or provocative manner that instigates rather than takes charge. As the day advances, powerful energy is with you for breaking through negative attitudes and inhibitions. You’re happy to take action if you know it will improve your life.


Today’s Sun-Uranus square can test your patience in spots, dear Virgo, particularly regarding opinions, directions, and instructions. The desire to perform, work, and excel in your work or with your health and routines is strong, but it is clashing with an equally compelling need to explore, learn, and enjoy the benefits of spontaneity and freeform learning and living. Something you hear might stimulate a new way of thinking, so don’t disregard communications altogether, but do take some time before reacting. Fortunately, creative energy is abundant, even if it can sometimes be challenging to tap. Try to make something useful of this excess energy. You may stumble upon a new way to approach a health or work problem from upset or interrupted plans today, so try to stay positive and centered if your schedule changes at a moment’s notice. As the day advances, there is a fresh quality to your work and your personality. You’re exploring new ideas and approaches, learning exciting new things, and letting go of the more rigid elements of your personality.


A Sun-Uranus transit in the first half of today can overstimulate you, dear Capricorn, making it best to watch for too-quick moves, particularly with money and love. Your desire for comfort and safety might compete with your need for emotional excitement. With the Sun’s current transit, you want to take control of the more practical affairs in your life, and today’s inconsistencies remind you that control is never entirely ours! There can be a breaking-free moment emerging from tensions related to dysfunctional areas of your life that can be significant. Changes in plans can encourage new approaches and ideas. Aim to keep an open mind and avoid pushing things too far. Still, consider that scattered energies now can more easily lead to losing or misplacing something. Be sure to take some time away from an issue if it’s draining you or distracting you from your priorities --something that comes far more naturally as the day advances. In fact, you can feel especially free and spontaneous. People may be introducing you to new ideas and beliefs that inspire you. Personal enjoyment is in strong focus.


There can be times when your attention is divided today, dear Gemini, as the Sun forms a square with Uranus. As much as you want to focus, you could find it rather difficult to concentrate. There can be surprising new information that throws off your schedule or plans, or the routine seems exceptionally boring or restricting to you today. Instead of working on autopilot, try to satisfy your desire for something different by trying a new style, route, or topic. The desire to shirk a responsibility can be strong but is unlikely to satisfy in the long run. While you likely need to make a change, it’s better not to be abrupt about it, as this approach can backfire--it’s likely to cause more trouble than you need. Aim to tone down rough edges and avoid speaking too soon on a matter for the best results today since impatience can lead to short or curt words. As the day advances, look for ways to break free from past addictions and hauntings, such as attachments to people or things that can no longer be a part of your life, as you’re receiving wonderful support from the cosmos to do so.


With a Sun-Uranus square early today, you could be feeling a little on edge, dear Libra, especially with creative projects and intimate relationships or if you don’t know where you stand with a situation or someone. Try to remain flexible and avoid stubbornly sticking to old methods while avoiding the other extreme if it involves an impulsive break. Aim to consciously pull your energy away from tense situations and let go of stress when possible. Of course, it’s usually wise to examine your reactions if they come on suddenly. As the day advances, you can enjoy breakthroughs when it comes to insight into your own psychology, an intimate relationship, or a support system. A release from a private burden or a debilitating secret might also figure strongly. It can be an excellent time for family relationships, domestic matters, and mental health or support.


A Sun-Uranus square can feel slightly jarring or disruptive early today, dear Aquarius. It has a way of pointing out restrictive conditions that you may have tolerated but now find too much. Consider that you may not be content with routines or tired, old ways of relating, and now is the time to see what these are and perhaps break free from them. Look for new ways to enjoy yourself if things feel too stuffy or oppressive, but seriously consider what you may need to stay stimulated and engaged. A little self-knowledge can go a long way today. Challenges today also seem to light a fire under you to make improvements. Especially as the day advances, it’s a good time for feeling freer, more connected, and emotionally ready to change things for the better. Opportunities for putting limiting living conditions or attitudes behind you can arise. Getting rid of emotional baggage can instead be in focus.


Today’s transits favor new approaches and flexibility, dear Cancer. If you can avoid the tendency to move too fast and live on your nerves (or only in your brain), you can come to fascinating and possibly prophetic insights. Keep your feet on the ground, though, so you can benefit from the open, growth-oriented energy of the day. Surprises or changes in plans can lead to adjusting expectations and attitudes. If you’re feeling especially tense or restless, try to channel excess energy into a productive pursuit that you know serves you well. Investigating new approaches and experimenting with new methods can satisfy an itch for doing something different and unusual. What’s most important now is that you learn more about yourself and your desires and feelings to make better decisions as you advance. As the day progresses, making changes comes more organically. It can be a wonderful time for connections, friendships, involvement with groups or teams, and possibly even breaking free from a limiting, disruptive situation.


With the Sun and Uranus square early today, dear Scorpio, concentrating can be difficult, as you may feel pulled in several directions. Temporarily, where you’re heading or your next step may be unclear. You might discover that focusing on the moment is best just for now, and worrying too much about your next step can be a waste of energy when you’re uncertain of the final destination. Someone in your life could surprise you, or there could be disconcerting competitive energy with (or between) family or a partner, making it difficult to relax or unwind as a result. Consider that you may be torn between wanting time to yourself and a craving for companionship, which can send people confusing signals. Keep yourself open and flexible because, sometimes, unexpected changes can help you move forward and away from bad habits. Channeling extra energy into making plans or organizing the home and possibly family activities can be successful. Especially as the day advances, a liberating influence affects your social life, and connecting with others can be especially beneficial now.


With a Sun-Uranus square early today, dear Pisces, mental tension is likely, making it best to avoid impulsive moves. Fortunately, this aspect gives you a nice window into areas of your life or specific ways of thinking that have become dysfunctional. Still, the desire to go your own way, particularly mentally and with your projects, can rock the boat. Watch that you don’t become your own worst enemy by speaking too quickly about a matter. It may be that you want to break free from a stifling situation, but being mindful about whether to exit a situation will serve you better. An inherent need for change from the inside out is with you today, and circumstances are such that you need to shed yourself of attitudes that no longer work for you. As the day advances, you find it easier to unwind and see the positive side of any schedule changes you’ve had to endure. Look for opportunities with partnerships, friendships, communications, income from business or work, and networking as the day advances. It’s a time for focusing on self-improvement and taking steps towards a much-improved lifestyle.

Published in Volume 78, Number 17 of The Uniter (February 8, 2024)

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