Do you feel determined to make things happen?


You could be making attempts to endear yourself to others and gain some cooperation today, dear Aries, and it makes sense at this time of the lunar month. However, it's not without its complications. You can feel a little torn between pursuing your goals or ambitions and spending more time recouping your energy later today. While both needs are important to you now, getting some of your responsibilities out of your way can be most prudent. Courage will build in the coming days after self-doubt or uncertainty, and it's best to conserve energy for more confident or courageous times. There's a more serious frame of mind or responsibilities looming, and it makes sense to do your chores or duties before pushing ahead.


You're emotionally geared to support and help the people around you today, dear Taurus, but you're also unafraid of going your own way. You seem able to put personal issues and emotions aside so that you can take care of business. It's best to avoid pushing something you can't change later today. Aim to know when to conserve energy. If you face unresponsiveness or defensiveness in others, consider waiting for a better day to tackle complicated issues, as blockages are likely now. In turn, you're more sensitive to blockages. However, you're in great shape to process or review matters, particularly about happiness goals or your social life, and come up with ideas along these lines. While there can be some ups and downs, particularly surrounding opinions and complex relationships, you're in a good place to catch up on responsibilities. You'll likely feel much better if you meet your duties than if you put them off. Use this time to take care of the practical side of things.


Light entertainment is in order as a good way to detox emotionally with the Moon in your creative sector as you begin the day, dear Gemini. You're looking to your interactions with others for inspiration. Later today, you could feel blocked, but slowing down may be just what you need for now. It's not yet the time for bold moves, as judgment is a little off. In fact, you're more likely to underestimate or overjudge a situation with a Mars-Saturn influence in play. You can feel weighed down by responsibilities and duties to attend to before you can start pursuing your desires. Getting chores out of your way makes the most sense now so you can dive into a project or relationship guiltlessly later. Plans won't move forward at lightning speed right now, but your personal life could certainly bring rewards if you resign yourself to this idea.


You're inclined to dissect problems or work on solving tricky matters today, dear Cancer. Still, it's best to avoid going overboard with this, as you may end up over-analyzing situations, failing to see the bigger picture as you do. Your mood is boosted by comforting and familiar activities as you begin the day. Your desire to slow down and nest continues. Watch for trying too hard to please others who may not fully appreciate all you do for them. A Mars-Saturn conflict can stir up some feelings of resentment, especially if you feel others are blocking your path or restricting you, but you need to touch base with your true needs before pressing forward. The Moon moves into your sector of play, romance, and creativity later today, helping you find ways to detox and enjoy yourself.


Aim to gather information today, dear Leo, but take the time to sort through what's helpful and what can be ignored or dropped. Later today there may be delays to deal with, and at various points today, you may be battling distractions or unrest. As such, it's important to pace yourself, as you have some loose ends to tie up before pressing ahead. You could face delays, but these slowdowns can give you the chance to recalibrate. Disagreements today tend to be due to underlying competitiveness. It might be too early to share certain plans. Allowing them to mature before sharing might help strengthen your motivation. 


Today's energies favor --and sometimes demand-- slowing down, dear Virgo. Aim to center yourself and build your strength or sense of security. Grounding, earthy, comforting, and familiar activities seem to support you most right now. You're in good shape for organizing your things and getting yourself on solid footing. Pushing ahead is not advised with a Mars-Saturn minor challenging aspect in play. While you can be anxious to get going on a new plan or throw yourself into something, you need to work out a few practical points first, so pace yourself as much as possible. It can be difficult getting everyone to cooperate or go along with your plans, but you may find ways to make better use of your time in the end.


You tend to command positive attention today, dear Libra. You're mentally busy, and learning new things is especially satisfying. You can experience a wake-up call that sparks your curiosity and motivates you to learn something new. There is a tendency for people to blow something out of proportion later today, but while this can be distracting, it's a fine time to make subtle but important advances. Your need to solve problems can feel at odds with your desire for comfort and predictability, but if you pace yourself, you may find ways to attend to both needs in small but satisfying ways. Consider whether the roadblocks you face now are self-imposed, coming from within, and worth examination. The Moon moves out of your sign later today and ends up in your resources sector where it will transit for a couple of days. It's a sign that you're better off toning things down.


Today brings somewhat retiring energy, dear Scorpio. With the Moon entering your sign later today, a pause that refreshes makes good sense before your lunar cycle begins. It can be difficult to focus at times today, but you'd do well to block out unnecessary distractions. While you may have difficulty with something that's said, unnecessary criticism, or unsolicited advice, there can be opportunities to solve problems and enhance your relationships. Look for ways to make peace with the past or work on new ways to approach old issues. With the Moon's move into Scorpio, the focus is on you, your plans, and your emotional needs. Aside from some possible irritability, pursuing your interests can be attractive. Still, it's best not to go for instant gratification. Instead, reflection can be beneficial.


Others find you particularly interesting, dear Sagittarius, and you're more convincing than usual. It's a good time to help someone solve a problem. You may be making more of something than it deserves later today, as the tendency to overjudge situations is strong. However, there's also strengthening energy with you for fixing problems that will smooth the way for a better future. Still, it can be a bit frustrating as you may feel blocked from pursuing your desires. You would do well for yourself to conserve energy until you have the confidence to go full speed ahead. The Moon moves into your privacy sector, emphasizing the need for emotional refreshment. You see more layers to a situation, helping you gain a sense of peace. This transit is a message to slow down, get extra rest, build strength, and take a break from demanding or competitive situations.


While there may be some sensitivity to what's said or not said today, dear Capricorn, it's a good time for practical affairs and drawing up plans. Overall, however, it's better to conserve energy than push forward prematurely or follow false leads. A Mars-Saturn influence can lead to a feeling of restriction or frustration in your interactions with others, and you may feel a little divided between following others' directions and going your own way. Aim to do your duties and be done with them so that you can concentrate on what excites you. The Moon's move into your social sector can awaken your desire to contribute and participate. Consider that others see you as tougher than you're actually feeling, however.


You're focusing on the bigger picture as the day begins, dear Aquarius, but your focus narrows as you advance. The Moon moves to the top of your solar chart, putting your responsibilities on the front burner. As well, a Mars-Saturn conflict comes into play, and it can prompt some frustration, as you could be feeling restricted from going after what you want. Slow down before you rev up, as there are busier days ahead. As ambitious as you feel right now, you need to pace yourself and get your duties out of the way. You fare better behind the scenes on some level at the moment. Fortunately, you're in good shape for solving problems and making longer-term plans. You might review a situation that has bothered you in the past, now with more realism.


There is much to absorb and take in today, dear Pisces, and you tend to work on sorting things out more than taking action. You are more inclined to research and devise strategies for longterm goals. Relationships strengthen through emotional centering and sharing quiet moments rather than too much focus on conversation and activity. Emotions about friends can be up and down later today. You may feel as if you are spinning your wheels, wondering if you should be doing something more exciting, but it's important to get your responsibilities out of the way before throwing yourself into something new. If you can center yourself, it's a great time to review recent decisions and ideas. Fortunately, the Moon moves into your sector of the higher mind, and you're ready to consider the bigger picture.

Published in Volume 78, Number 16 of The Uniter (February 1, 2024)

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