Volume 78, Number 16

Published February 1, 2024

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  • A call against brutality

    January 2024 is coming to an end, and, already, the Winnipeg Police Service has killed another person.

  • ‘Avoidable harm’

    Masked faces are few and far between as I walk through the University of Winnipeg (U of W)’s main campus in early January, watching as students brush past one another in hallways between classes or congregate around tables in the library’s mezzanines.

  • Origin Stories: Kale Sheppard

    In the realm of urban artistry, Kale Sheppard emerges as a dynamic force, weaving their identity into the tapestry of Winnipeg’s cityscape.

  • Arts briefs

    Romeo, save me // Black and Proud/Noir et Fier // Art with teeth // Celebrate Palentine’s Day // Talking climate // Embracing winter through song

  • Hearts full of rhythm

    Gracing Winnipeg dancefloors as of late is a certain sect of dancers. Their movements are easily traced, smooth and free-flowing with the utmost poise and dexterity. The envious need not despair. If they had it their way, everybody in Winnipeg would join their foot-stomping ranks.

  • Ushering a Yiddish renaissance

    Throughout its thousand-year history, Yiddish formed the linguistic foundation of a rich world of literature, music, folklore and fine arts.

  • Critipeg: Monster

    Plays at the Dave Barber Cinematheque Feb. 1 to 8

  • Crafting the self

    When long-time collaborator Shaneela Boodoo was enlisted as a guest curator at the C2 Centre for Craft, she relished the opportunity to create a cohesive and self-reflexive exhibition.

  • Culturally appropriate care for Manitoba survivors

    The expansion of a forensic nursing program at two community clinics will help survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence access trauma-informed and culturally appropriate care.

  • Manitoba gets its first Indigenous Protected Area

    Manitoba is establishing its first Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in the northern part of the province, a big step forward in conservation and reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Peoples.

  • Dr. Bev Fredborg, psychology assistant professor

    As a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in trauma and emotion regulation, Dr. Bev Fredborg, an assistant psychology professor at the University of Winnipeg (U of W), is well aware of current social-media trends involving mental-health advice – and misinformation – about trauma.

  • City briefs

    Free provincial park entry // March for Afolabi Opaso // Feasibility of landfill search // River trail closes again // Largest seizure of meth reported in Prairies // U of W hiring more Indigenous faculty

  • What’s post-Soviet life like?

    Growing up in a post-Soviet country was an interesting experience. One of the things I remember is just how empty our apartment was.

  • Turbulent takeoffs

    Over the past couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that flying is the worst way to travel.

  • Campus briefs


  • Horoscopes

    Friday’s last quarter moon sees changes taking place over the weekend. Go for what you want!