Welcome the new moon in Scorpio!


Your desire to feel safe and secure in your personal life is powerful today, Aries. With a Mars-Neptune aspect influencing the day, you're a little more subdued. Intimate matters are warm, comfortable, and natural. You may be focusing on finding some measure of peace with the past or exploring more profound needs, desires, and feelings. Your mood is hopeful, lenient, and accepting. With this transit in play today, you're inclined to slow down and flow along with your life rather than push yourself. Fortunately, you can find inspiration in hidden places or your imagination. This is a time for believing in your plans and having faith in your ability to bring your dreams to reality.


There is an open-minded, cooperative feel to the day, Taurus. There can be some inclination, however, to gloss over or adjust previously held beliefs and morals. Your powers of persuasion are pretty strong right now. People seem more accepting and generous, and pressures tend to ease. It can feel especially good to understand someone and for them to truly "get" you as well. Others can thoroughly enjoy your company today, as you are not coming on too strong. Your giving nature can be quite appreciated now, and you're in good form creatively. A friend may facilitate a positive connection with someone, or you bond more closely with a friend or partner, especially as you give one another the freedom to be yourselves. You may be putting a little more faith in a dream, and given to fantasize or pursue some of your more unusual desires. Your mood is exploratory and playful, and you're coming across well.


Today's transits are excellent for overcoming overthinking and worrying, Gemini. Today and tomorrow, you see these things as a waste of psychic energy and time, and you recognize the benefits of relaxing activities or even vigorous ones that help you release stress. You might happen upon a new idea or program related to work or health that truly benefits you. It could be a time for a reputation boost. You're gravitating towards endeavors that help refresh your spirit now. Problems are easy to resolve, not by dwelling on them, but by pulling back and allowing the creative process to happen before returning to take care of them. This is also a great time to help, support, or provide a service for others. There's a slower, protective, and steady quality to the day that can suit your purposes quite well.


Your ability to get along well with others leads to success today, Cancer. Making negotiations, compromises, and agreements can figure strongly. People tend to be supportive of you, and you of them. You come across with easy charm and grace as you flow along comfortably to the rhythms around you. Helpful interactions with friends or lovers can be healing, effectively lifting your spirits, and theirs. Shared goals and visions are appreciated, and imperfections in yourself and others are either ignored or, if they are recognized, seem rather endearing! You could be drawn to someone who exudes strength or who easily and readily takes the lead. You feel a little freer to express yourself. Sometimes, it's healthier to let something go and move on, and today this can be obvious. A bit of news arrives that's touching and inspirational. Spirited connections might be made.


Conflicts may naturally resolve today, Leo, or things smooth over. Releasing resentment or negativity through body work, massage, or other calming activities can be most worthwhile now. Slowing down can help you advance. Whether you're giving support or receiving it, taking action on emotional matters can feel good. You require a spiritual or creative escape. With Mars and Neptune harmonizing, you can be especially attracted to those things that boost your spirit and make you feel vital, and the healing arts can be particularly of interest right now. Family relationships can be soothing today, and you may feel that you're getting the right kind of support, or giving it!


Your senses heighten today, Virgo, and you can find yourself in a romantic and creative mood. Inspiration comes more readily when you're in this state. A Mars-Neptune influence comes into play today, and sharing ideas, ideals, and spiritual goals with someone can be rewarding, perhaps even a bonding experience. Your own needs and desires may come to the surface. You're connecting with those desires you don't always acknowledge or identify with. For some, partnerships thrive now as you can experience a strong, intuitive connection. Sometimes, we need to surrender to the unknown by letting go of the desire to control our lives, and today can be good for building up your faith in this way. Someone may help release you from a pressure or worry, or you might enjoy helping someone out in a similar fashion. This is an excellent time to express your ideas or assert yourself in persuasive, charming ways.


Releasing recent tensions about money or time management is powerful today, Libra, and can even indirectly lead to a wonderful idea for solving problems in these areas. The natural arts can appeal and soothe greatly. Earthy activities, photography, pottery, and similar can invigorate you--anything that gives form to some of your feelings can benefit. A partner or significant person in your life can be more understanding, accepting, or possibly romantic. There is a "live and let live" energy now that allows you to let go of negative thought patterns. You might discover something about your line of work and how to make it more suitable to your mission in life. You're tapping into your needs for fantasy, dreams, and the magical and imaginative side of life. Even with business or practical matters, including money and work, you're inclined to use a natural, organic, and intuitive approach.


You express your affections in especially unique ways now, Scorpio, and others are seeing you in a special light. You're very willing to negotiate, compromise, and maintain a comfortable level of harmony. Your wisdom is evident to people today. It's a good time to strengthen relationships, not so much through words but through actions. Showing your appreciation with actions comes naturally now, and can be very effective. More confidence in a special someone feels good and reflects back to you positively. Both competitive and cooperative activities can do well now. Even with Mars in your sign encouraging you to get moving, its trine to Neptune suggests it's best to take things naturally, slowly, and patiently at the moment. Energy levels tend to be even and smooth. Release pressures to control your day and others! Others are drawn to you magnetically.


You could feel a little withdrawn today, Sagittarius, and happy to release negative feelings. Dreams, whether they occur while sleeping or awake, are rich; your intuition elevates to entirely new levels. If you can manage it, let your imagination run wild and focus healing energy inward. It's a time to clear the decks for future action. You are also tuning in to the right cues on practical levels now. A family or money problem may iron itself out with a little help from your ability to approach a dilemma patiently. Your attention turns to inner joy and private matters. Still, an air of mystery surrounds you, and you're not about to speak about matters you are still trying to wrap your own mind around. Others will have to wait! This is a time for processing things, understanding your motivations, getting in touch with hidden desires, acting on compassion, and exercising patience.


The Moon heads into your sign today, Capricorn, stirring your need to acknowledge your feelings. Emotional needs are more pronounced now, but there's also a focus on your connections. While this is a somewhat impulsive transit, you'll find things work more in your favor if you exercise patience, wind down, and enjoy the moment. You have no time for conflict today! The usual goals or desires that motivate you tend to fall into the background long enough to reveal your more spiritual or neglected emotional areas. You are looking for inspiration, and something communicated in your networks can be just the ticket. Conversations can be inspiring as well, and friendly gestures quite magical. Communicating your intentions is exceptionally natural right now, which is refreshing as there can be little worse than having to explain yourself at every turn.


Your hunches or ideas today can be very much worth your attention, Aquarius, with the Moon's move into your soul sector and Mars heading into harmony with Neptune. Even though it seems counter-productive, sometimes slowing down helps us move forward as we put a halt to overthinking, and this can be the case now. People seem more willing to listen rather than make quick judgments. This atmosphere is ideal for you. Find ways to unwind and enjoy easier, more intuitive conversations. Alternatively, if you are looking for answers to nagging personal problems, you may find the necessary resources with a little effort. It's a good day for generous offers with rivals, promotions, or other forms of advancement. There is a rather natural business sense with you today. Nevertheless, you are likely to feel a strong urge to make a brief but refreshing retreat today and tomorrow, just to gather your energy. Indulge yourself in this manner, as time taken for yourself now will only serve to improve your relations with others and with your more worldly affairs later.


You can feel right in your element today, Pisces, with Mars in harmony with Neptune in your sign. The Moon heads into your social sector, as well. Take advantage of this energy, reduce stress, and let go of unreasonable pressures, even if it means disengaging yourself from tense feelings or thoughts and removing yourself from unpleasant environments. Fortunately, people appreciate and enjoy your point of view and unique perspective, and you may be moved to reach out and support or help someone in need. Take note of ideas coming to you naturally today, as they can be especially creative and imaginative. It feels natural to relate to others in the way that suits you best -- with understanding and fairness. Effective communications are not all about scoring intellectual points, and transits favor the human element involved. This is a day for tapping into needs that you may miss when going about your usual routine.

Published in Volume 78, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 16, 2023)

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