Volume 78, Number 10

Published November 16, 2023

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  • The C word

    On Wednesday, Nov. 15, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sharply rebuked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s rage wasn’t inspired by Trudeau speaking negatively about the Israeli PM. He didn’t even take the basic step of calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

  • Under the influence

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has become flooded with influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These influencers, despite not being traditional celebrities, impact people’s choices.

  • ‘Still obscure as hell’

    For years, John Paizs has been a cult figure among cult figures. The filmmaker, a key creator in the early days of the Winnipeg Film Group, created work that was subversive, funny and visually inventive. His trio of half-hour shorts, The Three Worlds of Nick (1981 to ’84), and his first feature, Crime Wave (1985), are cutting-edge works of underground ’80s cinema. They’ve also been, until recently, really difficult to actually see.

  • Arts briefs

    Sell your goods at Folk Fest // Artist talk: Kim Kitchen // Support your local circus // The Waltz @ PTE // Made in the Middle Craft Market // Dark Ice @ the WAG

  • With liberty and kickflips for all

    Winnipeg skaters have recently found themselves at a sort of moral crossroads. Over the past few years, local skateboarders have accused The Edge Skatepark, located in the Youth for Christ (YFC) Activity Centre on King Street, of discriminatory hiring practices and other non-inclusive measures.

  • ‘We want to hear your stories’

    Kathleen Gallagher, a Winnipeg-based actor, producer and screenwriter, understands the challenges women face in her industry. As president of the OurToba Film Network, she is creating a space for women, non-binary and gender-diverse filmmakers in Manitoba to meet, create and gain skills.

  • Critipeg: Funny Pages

    Plays at Cinematheque on Nov. 29

  • They made Believers out of Manitoba

    Ten years after the release of their sophomore album, Today We’re Believers, Royal Canoe will reunite at the Park Theatre to bring their lineup of euphoric, groovy fan favourites back to the local stage.

  • Winnipeg gets a little greener

    Craft-beer production uses and creates a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2), but a new carbon-recapture system could help local breweries reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • City briefs

    Winnipeg rally for ceasefire in Gaza Strip // Off to the Grey Cup // Nygard convicted of sexual assaults // No quick fix for vandalized city bus shelters // Video-chat service Omegle shuts down // Repairing Fort Gibraltar ahead of festival

  • Gallery 1C03 finds its ‘legs’

    Humility can be hard to find. In a culture where women’s empowerment filters through individualism, presented in terms of “badass,” “girlboss” and the “she-conomy” – one might struggle to draw the line between “owning it” and self-obsession, between humility and self-effacement.

  • Wesmen goalkeeper named Canada West second-team all-star

    Wesmen women’s soccer goalkeeper Madison Priebe is now an all-star. The University of Winnipeg sophomore was recently named a Canada West second-team all-star after a record-breaking 2023 season.

  • Mary Adedayo, assistant professor of applied computer science

    Mary Adedayo is an assistant professor of applied computer science at the University of Winnipeg. Growing up in Ibadan, a small town two hours from Lagos, Nigeria, Adedayo gained a keen sense for understanding and analyzing the world from her family.

  • Campus briefs


  • The 1906 streetcar strike

    A black-and-white photo of a crowd of strikers overturning a streetcar has become one of the most endearing images of the 1919 General Strike. When the event was memorialized with a statue on Winnipeg’s main street, it became one of the signature images associated with the city.

  • Stopping here

    In her book On Fire, Naomi Klein describes a conversation with farmer-poet Wendell Berry. In their discussion, Klein asks Berry for advice “for rootless people like me and my friends, who disappear into our screens and always seem to be shopping for the perfect community where we should put our roots down.”

  • Horoscopes

    Action planet Mars harmonizes with dreamy Neptune on Friday, November 17, at 3:35 AM, softening the edges.