Favourite Local Writer

Frances Koncan

Photo by Daniel Crump

Asked about why she keeps writing, even though it’s generally a miserable thing to do, Frances Koncan replies: “I WISH I KNEW. It feels very intrinsic and kind of compulsive … It’s just something that has to get done, like laundry or cleaning your toilet (with an equally glamorous process and a slightly more magical payoff at the end).”

Seeing as she’s kept quite busy, and been selected Favourite Local Writer for the second year in a row, it seems that payoff is imminent.

If you’ve been following Koncan’s career, you know she doesn’t limit herself to one form or genre. “I do have an annoying obsession and curiosity about new forms, especially in theatre, where writing can come off the page and out of my head and into actor’s brains and bodies, which is so magical and just about my favourite thing in the world,” she admits.

In order to keep developing as a writer and creator, Koncan attempts to work firmly beyond any place that feels comfortable. More importantly, she keeps working.

“I had a really challenging year with my mental health, and it feels like a miracle I managed to write anything at all, but somehow I ended up with three different plays in three different development stages, which I’m really proud of.”

Doing the work is challenging under optimal conditions, let alone when health issues bubble up. Rather than shrinking or scaling back work, scope or vision, Koncan pushed through.

“All of these projects are outside my comfort zone and beyond my capabilities. I’m trying to stay out of my comfort zone and work beyond my capabilities. I’m dreaming of a future where I feel like a real writer or director or anything at all, and not just a good faker.”

The people have spoken, Frances Koncan. You’re no faker.

Published in Volume 73, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 29, 2018)

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