Dunja Kovačević

  • Favourite Local Photographer

    1. Jen Doerksen
    2. Joey Senft
    3. TIE: Callie Lugosi / Leif Norman

  • Favourite Local Writer

    1.    Frances Koncan
    2.    Honourable mentions: Melissa Martin / Jessica Seburn / Ally Sigurdson

  • Queer gatherings beyond fear

    When the poet Eileen Myles came to town to launch their book Evolution, a dinner was organized in their honour featuring local queer poets and writers at all stages of their careers. 

  • (Abuse of) power is a many-splendoured thing

    When news broke that NYU professor Avital Ronell and prominent Harvey Weinstein accuser Asia Argento had been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault, respectively, many questioned whether their implication or culpability delegitimized the #metoo movement.

  • Cottage class

    Whenever I go out to my parents’ cabin at Bel-Air, Man., I make a point of accessing the water directly from my aunt and uncle’s cabin, which is a waterfront property a couple of doors down, by way of the staircase they’ve constructed leading down to the rocky beach.

  • Regarding Vulture Culture

    In her book Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag challenges the supposed authority of the photograph in transmitting the pain of others, reminding that a photo is fixed by a frame and that it always already contains a point of view.

  • Small Talk

    If a value falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it exist?

  • Small Talk

    On educating others

  • Small Talk

    We are not all sisters... and that's OK


    Political correctness: the white man's burden

  • Truth is a gem

    A society that values critical thinking over any sort of certitude or emotional reasoning produces a lot of cynics.

  • Newly opened St. Boniface café is a hub of activity

    Growing pains might be to blame for the grim reality of the past few months in this city. In between the domino effect of business closures in the West End, and the media landscape quietly imploding, many of us have been feeling the pangs of adolescence right along with our city.

  • Such great heights

    The inability to lift your own body weight is embarrassing, even crushingly so, without an audience. You can imagine then, my reaction to the suggestion of trying out an aerial fabrics class during Culture Days.

  • Black and blue and Grey all over

    Whether Fifty Shades of Grey makes you sigh in ecstasy or bemoan the death of good taste is really irrelevant.

  • Bringing a new look to Winnipeg

    HutK sits at the corner of Princess Street, tucked neatly between the historic red-brick buildings of the Exchange District.

  • Beyond downtown

    We here at The Uniter’s Arts & Culture section spend the better part of the year focusing on artists and the events that happen in the downtown area. From shows at the Lo Pub to exhibitions on the University of Winnipeg campus, there is a lot going on right here.
    But where does this art and culture come from? Since nobody was born cool in the basement of the Royal Albert, we decided to find out what kind of great art was being made and what trends were happening all around Winnipeg.

  • What’s in your backyard?

    Over the last two weeks, the world has watched the media roller coaster turned witch hunt that is Kony 2012.

  • The long view and the viewfinder

    Who are you in a room full of faces? A colour? A name? An ideal?

  • Capturing the ripples

    “So, what are you going to do with that?”

  • From shining beacons to meeting metal

    Well, it’s that time again. We’re hurtling towards the year’s end at breakneck speed and, according to the doomsayers, the apocalypse.

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