Favourite local gallery or artist space

Helga Jakobson (Supplied)

1. aceartinc.

2. Winnipeg Art Gallery


aceartinc. offers an alternative art experience to larger galleries in Winnipeg, with a focus on local.

It serves as a space for “creative expression, collaboration and idea-sharing” by allowing new ideas and perspectives to show in the city’s art community.

They also aim to help local and national contemporary artists but focus on new artists or those who have never had solo exhibitions before.

They aim to go beyond just showing local and international contemporary art by trying to provide community resources “in a safe space that fosters activism and empathy,” according to their website.

Their current solo exhibition features Grace Han until Dec. 22. Han is a ceramic artist originally from South Korea. Now based in Winnipeg, she illustrates her journey to seek answers about her identity as a Canadian newcomer in Trace of Freedom.

“I began to perceive ‘Betweenness’ in a more positive light,” Han says in a statement on the aceartinc. website. “This shift offered me a newfound sense of freedom, even though it’s a fluctuating experience. I’ve come to terms with the idea that these feelings of ‘Betweenness’ and ‘Freedom’ are ongoing and interconnected.”

The installation incorporates current and past work from Han.

Founded in 1983, aceartinc. hosts five major exhibitions each year, featuring artists who express themselves through sculpture, painting, video and other new media.

aceartinc. tries to create a space that allows anyone to participate in conversations about art and to encourage growth for writers, curators, artists and all who come into the Princess Street art gallery.

Everyone is encouraged to come in and experience the free exhibits in the Exchange District location.

Published in Volume 78, Number 12 of The Uniter (November 30, 2023)

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