Volume 78, Number 12

Published November 30, 2023

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  • Your undisputed favourites

    It’s The Uniter’s final issue of 2023, which can only mean one thing ... or 30 different things?

  • Favourite local achiever under 30/Favourite local comedian/Favourite local social-media presence

    Favourite local achiever under 30

    1. Jimmy Skinner

    2. Lauren Wittmann

    3. Jelynn Dela Cruz

    Favourite local comedian

    1. Jimmy Skinner

    2. Jesse Bercier

    3. Sarah Jane Martin / Spencer Adamus (tie)

    Favourite local social-media presence

    1. Jimmy Skinner

    2. Carter Chen (Ritzcracka)

    3. Winnipeg Wildin

  • Favourite local achiever over 60

    1. Fred Penner

    2. Karen Fuhr

    3. Lara Rae

  • Arts briefs

    Django Festival All Stars @ the Rady JCC // Music in the Parlour // Winter classes open at Forum Art Centre // Get curious @ cre8ery // To Broadcast is to Scatter // A Day With(out) Art

  • Favourite local activist

    1. Omar Kinnarath

    2. Uzoma Asagwara

    3. Justice4BlackLives

  • Favourite local album/Favourite local performance

    Favourite local album

    1. Virgo Rising - Vampyre Year

    2. Amos the Kid - Enough as it Was

    3. Neighbour Andy - Wild Ones

    Favourite local performance

    1. Virgo Rising EP release show, Oct. 13 @ Good Will

    2. i am your spaniel by We Quit Theatre

    3. Neighbour Andy, Aug. 24 @ The Beer Can

  • Favourite movie by a local filmmaker

    1. Butch Bathroom Blues (Nic Kaneski)

    2. A Traveller's Guide to Montreal and Toronto in 2022 (Dylan Bodner)

    3. Diaspora (Deco Dawson)

  • Favourite local gallery or artist space

    1. aceartinc.

    2. Winnipeg Art Gallery

    3. MAWA

  • Favourite local grassroots group

    1. Mutual Aid Society

    2. Bear Clan Patrol

    3. Winnipeg Police Cause Harm

  • Favourite local photographer

    1. Joey Senft

    2. Adam Kelly

    3. Dwayne Larson

  • Favourite local place that no longer exists

    1. The Tallest Poppy

    2. Music Trader

    3. Cousin’s Deli

  • Favourite local podcast

    1. Witchpolice Radio

    2. The Reel Debaters

    3. Barking Dog

  • Favourite local politician

    1. Wab Kinew

    2. Leah Gazan

    3. Uzoma Asagwara

  • Favourite local athlete

    1. Brady Oliveira (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

    2. Bobby Schink (wrestler)

    3. Connor Hellebuyck (Winnipeg Jets)

  • Favourite local barber or hairstylist

    1. Shawna Friederici (261 Hair Company)

    2. Jas Moran (The Barber Bae)

    3. Walter Spooner (Waltz on In)

  • Favourite date activity

    1. See a local comedy show

    2. See a movie

    3. Visit the Manitoba Museum

  • Favourite local dancer

    1. Esethu Gwintsa

    2. Ella Steele

    3. Dancing Gabe

  • Favourite new local independent business

    1. Crumb Queen

    2. Fantasy Club Books

    3. Friend Bakery & Pizza

  • Favourite local neighbourhood

    1. Wolseley

    2. West Broadway

    3. West End

  • Favourite local outdoor gathering place

    1. The Forks

    2. Munson Park

    3. Assiniboine Park

  • Favourite political moment

    1. NDP defeats PCs in provincial election

    2. Palestinian solidarity/ceasefire movement

    3. Rally for Trans Youth

  • Favourite local public art piece

    1. emptyful by Bill Pechet

    2. Riley Grae mural

    3. Cinematheque bathroom by JD Renaud

  • Favourite local music venue/Favourite local restaurant

    Favourite local music venue

    1. The Good Will Social Club

    2. The Handsome Daughter

    3. The Park Theatre

    Favourite local restaurant

    1. The Handsome Daughter

    2. Bonnie Day

    3. Shorty’s Pizza

  • Favourite on-campus spot

    1. Library

    2. Fourth-floor cafeteria

    3. The University of Winnipeg Club

  • Favourite local writer

    1. Sheldon Birnie

    2. Owen Toews

    3. Zoe Mills

  • Favourite local publication (that isn’t The Uniter)

    1. The Uniter (editor’s note: please stop voting for us)

    2. Stylus

    3. ARP Books

  • Favourite local visual artist

    1. Dylan Carr

    2. Barb Bottle

    3. JD Renaud

  • Favourite Winnipegger abroad

    1. Chris Jericho

    2. Guy Maddin

    3. Brit Kornell

  • Uniter 30 outtakes

    Tabulating the votes for the Uniter 30 every year is an emotional rollercoaster. Some years it’s fun. Others, boring. Depending on my mood, it’s a task I either look forward to or dread. No part of the psychological experience oscillates more wildly than the joke votes.

  • City briefs

    Google strikes deal on Canadian news // Mass shooting in West Broadway // Globe and Mail names Winnipeg third most livable city // CN Rail files suit against protesters // Embattled school trustee resigns // True North requests extension on Portage Place redevelopment

  • Campus briefs

    Work-Study Program // Webinar Wednesdays // Career Chats on Instagram // Fall Exams // Ask an Advisor // Study Abroad – Summer Programs // Holiday Break/Start of Winter Term // The Wellness Hub

  • Life in Canada and Ukraine

    Coming to Canada, I had many different expectations based on stereotypes about maple syrup, hockey, politeness and wearing shorts during snowstorms. Many of the things turned out to be quite true, but to my surprise, there were many other elements of this country I did not expect.

  • Silence=death

    During the AIDS epidemic, queer organization ACT-UP popularized the slogan “Silence=Death” to show that the public pressure to not speak about AIDS was leading to the deaths of queer people who were left without resources or support. Many queer activists have recently used the slogan to show that queer silence is complicity with Israel’s mass killing of Palestinians.

  • Horoscopes

    Mercury enters grounded earth sign Capricorn on Friday, December 1, at 9:31 A.M where it will retrograde later in the month.