Easy Summer Trends

Fashion for festivals and more

Melanee Tessler

Now that it’s summer, many people are outside enjoying the sun at parks, in backyards and at summer festivals. 

If you’re like me, chances are you aren’t so great at choosing what to wear once summer rolls around because of the sometimes unpredictable weather of this city. However, this summer, it might be worth trying some new summer clothing trends. 

Whatever your style, these four summer trends can be pulled off by anyone. 

The first trend is accessories. The main accessories for summer are long necklaces, hats and sunglasses. Long necklaces, especially for festival goers, seem to be one of the essentials. 

Whether it’s a crop top or a simple graphic tee, having a long necklace can add an effortless look to any outfit. 

If the necklace, for example, has a small charm on the end, it can blend into the outfit and make it seem that it was meant to go together. 

If the necklace has a huge charm, it could make the outfit pop and look complete. 

Although hats are functionally useful as protection from the sun, they’re also fashion items since they come in many different colours and styles perfect for any summer outfit. Personally, my favourite is a fedora, especially one with a wide brim perfect for shade against the sun. 

Melanee Tessler

Like hats, sunglasses aren’t only functional. 

For example, wayfarer sunglasses with their box shape are timeless and add a mysteriousness and cool vibe to any look. 

The second trend this summer is prints. Whether it’s a top or shorts, prints are a staple piece in the summer because it marks the transition from spring pastel colours. 

The third trend making the rounds this summer is the off-the-shoulder top. 

Depending on your style and the shirt, this trend works well with one bold accessory, such as a choker which creates a cool and edgy style. 

The last trend for the summer is the fringe. 

The fringe is a common look in festival settings such as Coachella because it projects a free-spirited look perfect for a festival, plus it’s also a fun piece to wear. 

Whether on boots, a top or a bag, the fringe has become an essential piece at festivals. 

Whatever your style these four trends can be helpful if you want to update your look or try something new. 

Published in Volume 70, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 2, 2016)

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