Patricia Navidad


  • Manitoba Filipino Street Festival

    August 20: Celebrating a growing community

  • Easy Summer Trends

    Fashion for festivals and more

  • U-Pass ready

    Student associations from U of W and U of M to finalize agreement

  • Travel at home

    Where to go in Manitoba this reading week

  • Travelling for less

    How to save money when leaving home

  • It’s time for Canada to act like a developed country

    In late January, Winnipeg declared its first ever city-wide boil water advisory. Though it turned out to be a false alarm, the whole city was abuzz about it, fearing the possibility of getting E. coli.

  • Facebook comments bring unwanted attention

    Late in 2014, Kelvin High School teacher Brad Badiuk was found to have made offensive comments towards First Nations people on Facebook. His Facebook post referenced the book “The Comeback” by John Ralston Saul - a book explaining how mending the relationship between First Nations people and non-Indigenous Canadians was the key to a better country.