Disco Needs A Squeeze

Showcasing Winnipeg’s hardcore punk scene

Genex will play The Good Will Social Club on July 28.

Photo by Darrole Palmer

Disco Needs A Squeeze (DNAS), Winnipeg’s annual punk festival, brings bands with different levels of experience together.

“No one’s ever done a punk – real punk – festival here in Winnipeg,” Mischa Decter says. 

Decter, who has been booking bands for The Handsome Daughter for two years, is one of three organizers of the hardcore punk festival. He runs DNAS with Mike Requeima of Genex and Steve Krysko of WHIP, who have both been putting on shows for 10 years.

Since starting DNAS in August 2016, Decter, Requeima and Krysko have established a festival curated from a small hardcore scene while still including new punk bands. They book popular underground groups alongside bands playing their first shows. 

While this year’s festival has “real corporate sponsors,” Decter says, it still maintains the do-it-yourself attitude associated with punk music.

This year’s festival begins on July 27 with Lumpy and The Dumpers from St. Louis and Winnipeg bands WHIP, Reality Group and new locals Honey.  

New rap supergroup Secret Circle is playing their second-ever show on July 28 with Genex. 

“It’ll be interesting having grindcore fans see this rap band and little kids who only listen to rap see these brutal hardcore bands,” Decter says. 

The last night of the festival features Calgary bands Janitor Scum and Dri Hiev.

“Punk is always – in Winnipeg especially, I’ve noticed – has always been a very exclusive thing, (which) makes it very inaccessible for people to get into it,” Decter says.

He says having a banner like this festival makes it easier for people to get involved.

WHEN July 27 to 29

WHERE The Handsome Daughter and The Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg, Man.

$$$ Advance tickets $12-$30

DON'T MISS Secret Circle and Genex on July 28 at The Good Will Social Club

WEBSITE Find them on Facebook

Published in Volume 71, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 1, 2017)

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