Volume 71, Number 27

Published June 1, 2017

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  • Discover summer

    When it comes to summer festivals, we have an abundance of choice here in Manitoba.


    Here's your guide to over 70 festivals in Winnipeg and around Manitoba.

  • Agassiz Chamber Music Festival

    June 9 to 16 // Something different for music lovers

  • Blue Hills Fibre Festival

    June 10 // Exploring the fibre arts through workshops and demonstrations

  • DIY Homesteader Festival

    June 24 // Hone your skills and collect new ones

  • Starting your own DIY festival

    Advice from local festival organizers

  • Winnipeg Folk Festival

    July 6 to 9 // Finding a place in the community

  • PortageX

    July 7 to 9 // A piece of history

  • Winnipeg Fish Festival

    July 8 // Something fishy at The Forks

  • Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival

    July 11 to 16 // Experiencing film through the great outdoors

  • Arborg Fair & Rodeo

    July 14 to 16 // From the farm to the festival

  • Fighting to be heard

    Female artists slowly break into the boy’s club of Manitoba music festivals

  • Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

    July 19 to 30 // Filling the lineup and the seats

  • Disco Needs A Squeeze

    July 27 to 29 // Showcasing Winnipeg’s hardcore punk scene

  • Ballet in the Park

    July 26 to 28 // Bringing dance to the outdoor stage

  • Gimli Film Festival

    July 26 to 30 // Moviegoing: An exciting summer activity

  • Folklorama

    Aug. 6 to 19 //  Building community, one pavilion at a time

  • Kleefeld Honey Festival

    Aug. 11 to 13 // Where honey meets chili

  • Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition

    Aug. 17 to 20 // Bringing big names that are off the (pop) charts

  • Rainbow Trout Music Festival

    Aug. 18 to 20 // Indie music and arts on the Roseau River

  • Harvest Sun Music Festival

    Aug. 18 to 20 // Slow down and join the village

  • Oddblock Comedy Festival

    Aug. 24 to 27 // Not your average block party

  • Festival organizers plan for accessibility

    Reducing barriers can allow more Manitobans to enjoy festival culture

  • TOBA

    Assassins, intrigue, an overweight cat with psychic abilities — just a standard weekday for an infamous space drifter like TOBA. He has exes all over this end of the galaxy, and the police are after his trans-dimensional kush, but if he can keep his head down and his medicine ablaze, he may decide the fate of the universe.


    Punchie is a one panel comic series that explores different worlds and characters. Hearts that rumble with faces from the fringes.