Cat video reviews

The best and the worst of YouTube’s cat videos

Cat videos. They’ve taken over the Internet. Some people think that means that everyone wants to see their video, even if it sucks. Here we’ve reviewed the best and worst of cat compilations so you won’t waste a minute in your purrsuit of cute kitties.

The title was promising. The video was a letdown.

Any cat can be fed with chopsticks. I’d be more impressed if the cat in this video was using the chopsticks. No one cares about cat massages anymore; if you live with a cat, they’re part of my daily life. Yawn.

This got interesting – not in a good way – in video number six when a cat jumps off a balcony. Ummmm, how is that funny? It’s not. It’s just not.

Overall, this compilation is underwhelming and completely fails at showing the top 10 cat videos.

WARNING: The white cat at about 3:30 woke my cat from a deep, snoring sleep. Protect your cat from distress and use headphones for this one.

I’m glad my hoard of felines isn’t so mischievous. I’m also glad they can’t watch this and learn some tricks.

Now, this video is full of silly cats doing silly, but not too dangerous, things. It gets the Meg seal of approval on that, but we need to talk about the collars. We need to stop putting collars on cats, guys!!! It’s dangerous. Your cat could choke if it got caught on something. Is it worth the risk? No, because collars on cats are useless.

There were far too many choking hazards in this video for my comfort.

Why don’t my cats say, “I love you?” :(

Other than making me feel unloved by my fur family, this video is full of adorable cats stretching, playing with toilet paper and jumping up walls. If you live with cats, you’ll probably see one that reminds you of yours.

Again, take those collars off!

I’m pretty sure our first videographer was reading a bit too much into her cat’s responses. And she wasn’t the only one. A few of these cuties seemed genuinely distraught when they were caught, but their reactions weren’t that funny. That word didn’t belong in the title. It should have been called, “An inside look at how people talk to their cats.”

First of all, this video came out in November 2014. I’m pretty sure it’s not new anymore, guys.

This compilation has abusive cats and shaky camera work. Were you too lazy to find good quality videos and kind interactions between pups and their feline friends? Come on, people!

This isn’t a compilation of funny videos. It’s a compilation of videos of what happens when people don’t learn how to introduce new animals into their homes properly, that’s what this is.

Now, you want to see an adorable cat and puppy meeting? This is the video for you. Mama cat let’s this newborn pup join her own litter for snuggles and milk. If they’d gotten a better camera angle and more lighting, it’d be enough to make you squeal!

This cat is my hero. Dogs are great, but sometimes they need to chill out. This (collarless!) sweetheart has moves dog people can learn from.

Is this cat really that excited? I mean, this is a normal greeting from my guys after I’ve been away for like 10 minutes. Maybe his cat just doesn’t really love him?

But, can we talk for a minute about that fur? Wow! If you’re a cat hair crafter, you could really have some fun with that.

This isn’t cool. This poor orange dude is not a happy camper. In fact, he looks terrified. A more accurate video title would be, “Shelter Worker Antagonizes Terrified Burger and Fries.”

Maybe he heard someone was having burger and fries for dinner?

Regardless, this fella needs to be left alone to calm down and relax. A nicer blanket and maybe some toys to snuggle would probably go a long way. As would a new name.

This video explains my life. I hated cats because they hated me. Then a little kitten wiggled her way from her makeshift home under a van into my heart. Now, here I am, reviewing cat videos. If this video went a few weeks further, it’d be of new cat lovers rather than current cat haters.

I’ll leave you to review Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens in the comments below.

Published in Volume 70, Number 20 of The Uniter (February 18, 2016)

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