Bring on the music

Drumroll, please … our annual New Music Issue is finally here! As always, this special edition of The Uniter profiles the five bands featured in the Uniter Fiver, and our cover shows off the winner as voted by you. So congratulations to Jamboree, this year’s winner, and to all our other nominees: House Handshake, Dinner Club, Mister K and Baseball Hero!

It’s a challenge to put words into music, and it’s hard to write about music, too. How do you articulate the emotionally compelling sounds, the joy, the sadness that music inspires in its listeners? Here, we give this a try.

This issue centres on music – not only the five new bands, but also conversations surrounding what happens after high school band is over and how to balance studying with music. In the arts and city sections, we look at how musicians look for bandmates (sometimes resorting to Kijiji) and explore inclusive spaces in music education. Frances Koncan, our columnist, casts a critical light on musical theatre.

With all that being said, there’s room in this issue for non-musical news, as well. Contributors in our comments section take a look at the history of the word “queer” and how Winnipeggers deal with the isolation of a freezing winter. Plus, our city reporter cooked up a story on the Sourdough for Queers workshop happening at Eadha Bakery.

So enjoy the music inside and come out on Sunday, Feb. 10 to see the bands live at our Uniter Fiver showcase!

– Charmagne de Veer and Danielle Doiron

Published in Volume 73, Number 17 of The Uniter (February 7, 2019)

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