Charmagne De Veer

  • Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition

    The Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition, Manitoba’s only professional rodeo, has its roots in the town of Morris, Man.

  • Winnipeg Folk Festival

    The Winnipeg Folk Festival is now in its 46th year and features a variety of musical genres. 

  • Flatlander’s Beer Festival

    This year marks the 17th anniversary of the Flatlander’s Beer Festival, an event in support of the True North Youth Foundation.

  • It’s the time

    It’s been a busy time for students in the cold, cold days of winter.

  • Everything old is new again

    Mister K a.k.a Kevin Roy is looking to the past to bring something new to pop music.

  • Keeping it close

    House Handshake is a band that believes in togetherness. Most of them share a home as well as a musical journey.

  • Uniter Fiver 2019

    Welcome to this year’s Uniter Fiver!

  • Bring on the music

    Drumroll, please … our annual New Music Issue is finally here!

  • Favourite Local Politician

    1. Ed Ackerman
    2. Wab Kinew
    Honorable mentions: Brian Bowman, Nahanni Fontaine, Robert Falcon-Ouellette, Kate Sjoberg
    Favourite Local Achiever Over 60
    1. Ed Ackerman 
    2. Sel Burrows
    3. Fred Penner

  • Favourite Local DJ

    1. Mama Cutsworth
    2. DJ Blitz
    3. DJ Louie Lovebird

  • Banana Days

    Aug. 10 to 12 // Melita was dubbed the Banana Capital of Manitoba by Manitoba Agro-Meteorologists because it is usually the warmest spot in the province.

  • I Am festival

    Aug. 10 to 12 // Getting in touch with yourself can be a transformative experience. The I Am festival is dedicated to helping people achieve this goal.

  • Medieval Festival

    July 28 to 29 // Cooks Creek is best known for its grotto, a provincial and national historic site. It looks like a fortress but has built caves on the inside.

  • Manitoba Airshow

    July 7 to 8 // It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a plane that flies like a bird. It's the Manitoba Airshow!

  • sākihiwē

    June 15 to 17 // Making Indigenous music accessible to Indigenous families is the goal for the first sākihiwē music festival.

  • Day care can ease the student parent experience

    Juggling studies and the demands of being a parent can be a struggle. On-campus daycare can help parents with pick-ups and drop-offs and access to their children between classes.

  • Favourite local gathering place

    1. The Forks
    2. The Good Will Social Club
    3. Old Market Square

  • Favourite local photographer

    1. Adam Kelly
    2. TIE: Jen Doerksen / Callie Lugosi 
    3. Joey Senft

  • Arborg Fair & Rodeo

    July 14 to 16 // From the farm to the festival

  • PortageX

    July 7 to 9 // A piece of history

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