It’s the time

It’s been a busy time for students in the cold, cold days of winter. Reading week is just around the corner: a time to catch up on studying and some much needed rest.

Here at The Uniter, we’re taking time to write “evergreen” pieces: articles that can go in any time and don’t have a looming deadline. We take an in-depth look at things because we can.

We bring readers content that is relevant both for timeline and subject.

With this issue coming out on Valentine’s Day, volunteer writer Leia Patterson talks about how to celebrate the holiday on a budget. With midterms around the corner, campus reporter Ryan Haughey looks at how to stay on top of things in the midst of the tension.

In addition to romance being in the air, it’s Black History Month, and we have three related stories on local Black History Month celebrations, African fashion and the Afro-Prairie Film Festival.

So take a leisurely read of The Uniter during reading week. You deserve it!

– Charmagne de Veer

Published in Volume 73, Number 18 of The Uniter (February 14, 2019)

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