Danielle Doiron

Copy and style editor  

  • Outdated and out of touch

    Manitoba has one of the highest rates of teen dating violence in the country, according to a recent Statistics Canada report.

  • Constructing peace of mind for patients

    At least I didn’t have to wear one of the sandwich-board signs.

  • Insufficient funds

    One of the two public tennis courts a block from my downtown apartment has been missing a net since the fall. This was a more pressing issue in October, when temperatures were above freezing and the surface was still playable – but just barely.

  • A possibility, not a destiny

    Somewhere in storage, my sister-in-law has boxes of baby clothes stashed away for my future daughter. This hypothetical child and all her accoutrements also occupy space in other people’s minds.

  • Joy in discovery

    Sipping a tequila soda at the Times Change(d) on Friday night, I asked my partner, “If you were the only person in the world, would you still have a gender?” I asked him partly to fill time, partly to try and explore my own fluctuating, evolving sense of gender identity.

  • Privileging ‘official’ sources

    Even when the Winnipeg Free Press newsroom is empty, it’s rarely silent.

  • Before my obituary

    As the family’s resident copy editor, I was tasked with proofreading my grandfather’s obituary before publication.

  • Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes

    Plays at the Tom Hendry Warehouse until March 18

  • A family like mine

    It’s nearly impossible to pin down what exactly constitutes a family. 

  • Diagnosed as female

    The film doesn’t matter, although I’ve only seen a handful in theatres over the past few years.

  • The cost of commodifying pleasure

    It was blue, sparkly, worn like a Finger Monster and possibly bought at a gas station.

  • Headlines

    A reporter’s notebook crammed in my back pocket. 

  • When words fail

    In a guest essay for the New York Times, author Rachel Aviv describes reporting on clinics for people experiencing the early stages of psychosis and meeting “many young patients who were struggling to express what was happening to their minds.”

  • Abortion (mis)representation

    I didn’t know what happened, except that “the guy had a dirty knife and a folding table.”

  • Defensive maneuvers

    When five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Saudi Arabian soccer club Al Nassr late last year, critics cited the move as yet another example of sportswashing.

  • Favourite Winnipeg neighbourhood

    1. Wolseley
    2. West Broadway
    3. The West End

  • Favourite political moment

    1. Stefanson uses her son’s hockey game to distract from the healthcare crisis
    2. CTV La La Land's the mayoral election for Glen Murray
    3. Stefanson’s low approval ratings

  • Thinly veiled criticism

    It felt like progress, when, two decades into my eating-disorder recovery, I stepped on a hospital scale and didn’t register the number

  • Shattered images

    The invitation arrives misaddressed.

  • Schools aren’t safe

    Earlier this school year, West Kildonan Collegiate announced its “commitment to eliminate vaping and large groups gathering in the washrooms” on campus.

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