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  • Let her speak

    With most professional and amateur sports leagues around the world on hiatus amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Olympics postponed until 2021, it can seem like sports have been reduced to reruns, along with the “see 10, do 10” push-up chain and toilet paper challenge attempts athletes post on Instagram.

  • Stability could help cure my insomnia

    I woke up this morning before sunrise, feeling well-rested and ready to start my day. It’s a rare experience.

  • Far from a slam dunk

    In the weeks since former NBA star Kobe Bryant’s untimely death in a helicopter crash, it’s been nearly impossible to browse the internet without seeing tributes to the 41-year-old basketball legend.

  • Targeting ads

    I see them when I scroll through Instagram or press “play” on another YouTube video. I hear them during podcast commercial breaks and then, occasionally, again, echoing in the back of my mind when I skip a workout or reach for another handful of chips.

  • Collective healing

    I requested Chanel Miller’s book from the Millennium Library minutes after I read a news article revealing both her name and the work’s release. Her memoir was quite literally the next chapter following years of media coverage that referred to her only as “Emily Doe” or, in other cases, as “Brock Turner’s victim.”

  • Signed, sealed, delivered

    For the past few years, I’ve made near-monthly pilgrimages to Tiny Feast, a stationery store tucked into Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

  • More than my career

    I tried to update my Instagram bio recently and didn’t know what to write. It’s hardly a new problem. Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, the LinkedIn profile I glanced at once – I’m never really sure what to say, how to describe myself. Even coming up with the two-line description at the end of this article took longer than I’d like to admit. 

  • Two minutes for interference

    Another hockey season is underway, and, at least for the Winnipeg Jets, this year seems to be fraught with more drama than the last.

  • ‘Deeper than knives’

    I was 12 years old when a man leaned across the cab of his red pickup truck to yell something I couldn’t quite make out. I might not be able to specify what he said, but I remember the way he slowed down in the middle of St. Mary’s Road to leer at me.

  • Don’t brush off these 280 characters

    Earlier this year, the provincial government launched a campaign to try and attract nurses to Manitoba.

  • Wax on, wax off

    Last month, I paid a stranger to rip hair off my body. At least, that’s what I told my partner when he asked what I did that day.

  • Solidarity in solitude

    In Winnipeg, we wear our winters as a badge of honour. 

  • Bring on the music

    Drumroll, please … our annual New Music Issue is finally here!

  • Push to the playoffs

    With the Canada West playoffs on the horizon, the University of Winnipeg Wesmen basketball teams hosted two of the most talented squads in the conference last weekend: the University of Regina Cougars.

  • This grief contains more than 280 characters

    This Remembrance Day saw more than a dozen services and ceremonies throughout the city. At sunset, church bells throughout Winnipeg – and across Canada – rang out to mark the 100 years that have passed since the armistice that ended the First World War.

  • Wesmen Weekend Wrap-Up

    The University of Winnipeg Wesmen are riding a win streak after the men's and women's teams captured two victories a piece over the UBC Okanagan Heat last weekend.

  • Reading between the lines

    Simple turns of phrase or even the order in which a reporter introduces sources can hint at their inherent biases.

  • Wesmen Soccer vs. Saskatchewan Huskies

    The University of Winnipeg Wesmen women's soccer team closed out their 2018 campaign with a narrow loss to the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Oct. 20.

  • Don’t hold your applause

    The first time I stepped in a newsroom, I shadowed a sports reporter who left me with one key piece of advice: don’t clap. If I wanted to be a journalist, I shouldn’t cheer, celebrate or reveal my biases while in the field.

  • Start listening to female sportscasters

    When CBC announced their English-language broadcast team for the upcoming 2018 Olympic Winter Games, one seemingly subtle change went almost unnoticed. While Brenda Irving was the sole woman to call play-by-play for CBC during the 2016 Olympics, this year, she’s joined by another female commentator, Signa Butler.

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