Bright Young Thing

Designer Bronwyn and sister/model Johanna Seier present the fall/winter collection from Bronwyn.

Kasia Nawrocka
Kasia Nawrocka

Bronwyn Seier may be just 18, but she’s already making a splash in Winnipeg’s fashion scene. The local trendsetter made a name for herself this past summer with her feminine and funky clothing line, Bronwyn, at Para Mix boutique in Osborne Village.

Now she’s back with a fall/winter collection. It’s made up of ladylike clothes in deep, rich hues with plenty of texture as well as clutches in plaid and leather. “There’s a lot of plaid,” she says. “It’s kind of overwhelming how many more fabric stores there are in Toronto that we don’t have in Winnipeg. That’s why there’s so much pattern and texture in this collection.” The use of leather hits closer to home. 

“I’ve always loved working with leather. My mom works for a furniture company so I’ve always gotten free leather.”

There’s a lot of plaid.

Bronwyn Seier, designer

Her signature “maybe” motif, which is stamped in the middle of the dresses and rompers of her summer line, makes a comeback on clutches for fall and winter.

Seier noticed how graphic tees stick out because they’re printed with opinionated statements on them, rather than sticking out by creative fashion design. Seier says that the “maybe” is her response to statement apparel.

“It’s ironic in the sense that you’re wearing a word that doesn’t mean anything one way or another. Rather than walking around saying ‘coffee cigarettes and alcohol’ you’re saying ‘maybe, whatever, I don’t give a fuck.’”  

Seier’s own personal style changes often. An avid people watcher, she finds inspiration in seeing how other people put together outfits.

“I find it so fascinating to see how people put together outfits. I could stand on a busy street and watch people walk by all day and I’d be so interested.”

This fall, Seier moved to Toronto to study Fashion Design at Ryerson University. Since the move, her perspective on fashion and personal style has changed. “My whole perspective has shifted from being comfortable amongst Winnipeg’s small and fascinating fashion community, to being lost in a sea of people whose accomplishments and pursuits have led them where they are” she says. The change has been scary, but it’s pushed her to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and to make sure her designs are as true to who she is as an individual.

“Even if I have to wait tables on the side until I’m seventy, that’s okay. It’ll be worth it”.

Models + Makeup: Johanna Seier, Bronwyn Seier
Artistic Director: Martyna Turczynowicz

Published in Volume 68, Number 9 of The Uniter (October 30, 2013)

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