Summer Festival Guide

  • St-Labre 200

    July 6 to 7 // The go-karts speeding around the track for the St-Labre 200 may be a mix of cutting-edge and scrapyard builds, but they'll all have one thing in common: none of the karts will be more than 24 hours old

  • Cool off with sweet treats this summer

    With the arrival of Winnipeg's famous muggy, warm weather, many ice cream enthusiasts are twitching to begin their summertime treks to their favourite ice cream shops.

  • Summertime Sadness

    While summer is, for many students, a time to save up for an eighth of a year's tuition (or five months rent) through the Federal Student Workers Program or Manitoba's Green Team program, for students with disabilities those living with mental illness and neurodivergent students, it is also a time of financial exclusion.

  • Manitoba Highland Gathering

    June 23 and 24 // With its 52nd year approaching, the Manitoba Highland Gathering will be dressing up for this year's visitors.

  • sākihiwē

    June 15 to 17 // Making Indigenous music accessible to Indigenous families is the goal for the first sākihiwē music festival.

  • Manitoba Night Market and Festival

    June 10 and August 12 // The Assiniboia Downs kickstarts the summer with a fun and exciting festival that offers a variety of food choices, kids' activities and a place to hang out with friends and family.

  • Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

    June 1 to 3 // The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival is back for its sixth year and promises exciting experiences for lovers of visual and performance art.

  • Summer festival staples

    Manitoba is home to a plethora of festivals, and choosing which ones to preview from a list of over 100 is a daunting task.

  • 10th Annual Summer Festival Guide listings

    Here are our listings of over 100 festivals across Manitoba this summer!

  • Festival organizers plan for accessibility

    Reducing barriers can allow more Manitobans to enjoy festival culture

  • Oddblock Comedy Festival

    Aug. 24 to 27 // Not your average block party

  • Harvest Sun Music Festival

    Aug. 18 to 20 // Slow down and join the village

  • Rainbow Trout Music Festival

    Aug. 18 to 20 // Indie music and arts on the Roseau River

  • Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition

    Aug. 17 to 20 // Bringing big names that are off the (pop) charts

  • Kleefeld Honey Festival

    Aug. 11 to 13 // Where honey meets chili

  • Folklorama

    Aug. 6 to 19 //  Building community, one pavilion at a time

  • Gimli Film Festival

    July 26 to 30 // Moviegoing: An exciting summer activity

  • Ballet in the Park

    July 26 to 28 // Bringing dance to the outdoor stage

  • Disco Needs A Squeeze

    July 27 to 29 // Showcasing Winnipeg’s hardcore punk scene

  • Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

    July 19 to 30 // Filling the lineup and the seats

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