Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

Showcasing ethics and film

A still from Janelle VanderKelen's Ambrosia.

Supplied photo.

The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival is back for its sixth year and promises exciting experiences for lovers of visual and performance art.

Though difficult to characterize in a few words, WUFF’s films are described by festival director Scott Fitzpatrick as “usually short, fiercely individualistic, tough to categorize, sometimes challenging, and always exciting.”

WUFF takes care to arrange its films in an order that amplifies their attributes, creating enhanced viewing experiences.

This year’s festival includes not only the regularly scheduled showings of 48 films, but four extra  installations at two additional events – an opening for the film installations at Poolside on Thursday and a kick-off party at Forth on Friday.

“For most festivals, particularly in the US, a filmmaker is usually expected to pay some sort of submission fee to have their work looked at in the first place, and usually there isn't even mention of payment for that work once it's been accepted. We want to use WUFF to challenge this standard model,” Fitzpatrick says.

To counter this exploitive standard, artist-run WUFF is committed to remaining submission fee-free, free and pays screening fees to filmmakers that are selected.

“Our number one goal at WUFF is, and has always been, to put on an ethical film festival,” Fitzpatrick says.

WUFF is always interested in connecting with the community. Email [email protected] or reach out on social media for volunteer opportunities.

Published in Volume 72, Number 25 of The Uniter (May 31, 2018)

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