• From Here & Away launches clothing line

    Joseph Visser, the photographer behind Winnipeg-based creative platform From Here & Away, wants to make it easier for people to wear their values on their sleeves.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I didn’t think too much about my outfit today … just put it on.”

  • Whose House? Alex’s House.

    Alex Kohut started his career in vintage clothing as a thrifting wunderkind. The 23-year-old, who runs The Vintage Saint shop on Albert Street, got into the game at a young age.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I like to wear what people tell me not to wear.”

  • Any Costume Can be Sexy

    A sampling of costume ideas by Kait Evinger

  • Fashion Streeter

    “Every day, put on your favourite things. Dream like you’re five and smile.”

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I like to mix neutral colours with colourful accessories.”

  • Fashion Streeter

    "When you're in Winnipeg, you have to dress warm."

  • Fashion Streeter

    “My style is relaxed.”

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I’m from Japan. I’m only in Winnipeg for two weeks. Winnipeg is so good!”

  • Fashion Streeter

    "I like to dress nice."

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I was so tired today, so I wore all black to mourn my sleep.”

  • Are we killing local thrift stores?

    Students go to thrift empires rather than small boutiques.

  • Get the Winnipeg Look

    For those who gravitate toward beauty and fashion, Winnipeg can feel like a stepping stone on the way to a more glamorous city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. But The Peg is in the midst of a makeover montage as local style icons embrace its humble vibe and lead the way in flaunting it.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “Rainbows are good. I express myself with colours.”

  • Fashion Streeter

    “What I’m wearing makes me comfortable.” 

  • Easy Summer Trends

    Fashion for festivals and more

  • The Do’s of festival packing

    Preparation is key to a good time

  • Swords and Sabres Festival

    June 11: Renaissance-esque festival brings together pirate, viking and steampunk cultures

  • Front facing

    A look at selfies from every angle

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