• Celebrating African fashion in the ‘peg

    Winnipeg’s large and diverse African diaspora community includes fashion designers, makeup artists and models, such as designer Ali Opemipo for Aplus African Fashion.

  • Shop vintage

    Vintage fashion is undergoing a revival – one that benefits both the closet and the environment.

  • Fashion Streeter

    Me and my friends love  to match, but they were all wearing black tonight …  I was like, ‘I’m feeling a bit more hilarious than that.'

  • Embodying truth in photography

    Winnipeg boudoir photographer Teri Hofford and local business owner JT believe that a greater variance of images in media would lead to a positive shift in perceptions of what women actually look like. They promote this concept through their work.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I think I look like a marshmallow

  • Fashion Streeter

    Both my grandmothers were into textiles, and that was a huge influence on me. I like to buy Canadian and American products, and I love the ’80s.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I’m not really good at fashion. I find a piece that I like and try to match the colours.

  • Dressing for Winnipeg’s transitional weather

    It can be difficult to know how to dress for transitional weather, but a few stylish locals have ideas for surviving nature’s mood swings.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “My fashion is unique … and comfortable”

  • Winnipeg fashion showcases diversity

    As fashion becomes more accessible, indie designers and amateur models have found a place on the Winnipeg scene.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “Be over, be under, be true, but never give up. Fashion reflects personality."

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I try to be unique. I try to be unexpected. Something that hasn’t been seen.” 

  • Fashion Streeter

    “When I look good, I feel confident, and I’m ready for exams.”

  • Fashion Streeter

    “My fashion … it’s all thrift store stuff.”

  • How pop-up shops work for the businesses who use them

    In 2010, Eric Olek was inspired to get involved with Winnipeg’s hip-hop and nightlife communities. The creation of his clothing line, Friday Knights Clothing, allowed him to do this.

  • From Here & Away launches clothing line

    Joseph Visser, the photographer behind Winnipeg-based creative platform From Here & Away, wants to make it easier for people to wear their values on their sleeves.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I didn’t think too much about my outfit today … just put it on.”

  • Whose House? Alex’s House.

    Alex Kohut started his career in vintage clothing as a thrifting wunderkind. The 23-year-old, who runs The Vintage Saint shop on Albert Street, got into the game at a young age.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I like to wear what people tell me not to wear.”

  • Any Costume Can be Sexy

    A sampling of costume ideas by Kait Evinger

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