Volume 78, Number 23

Published March 28, 2024

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  • Take a break

    My friend Lasha has been telling me for weeks that I need to slow down.

  • Growth mindset

    With spring on the way, many Manitobans are beginning to think about their gardening plans, and the city’s greenhouses have them covered.

  • Origin Stories: Bîstyek

    For Kurdish visual artist Bîstyek, colour has always been a symbol of resistance. A prolific painter, his practice grew to incor- porate sculpture, design and public art, recognized on a national scale.

  • Arts briefs

    Just what the doctor ordered // Flora Luna launch @ CCFM // Guilt: A Love Story @ Royal MTC // The art of the monoprint // The Year of Magical Thinking @ PTE // Learn to print!

  • Between and beyond YA

    Fentanyl. Abandonment. Sexuality. Bears?

  • The drawing is on the wall

    Convertibles and comb-overs can never truly sate the desire to live twice as hard for what half you have left. Art, conversely, is always worth more than the time it takes to enjoy it.

  • Critipeg: The Three Musketeers: Milady

    Plays at Dave Barber Cinematheque on March 30 in the Alliance Française French Film Festival

  • Critipeg: Riddle of Fire

    Plays at Dave Barber Cinematheque from April 3 to 13

  • City briefs

    Winnipegger sues Uber // Federal ministers visit U of W // Amy Mazowita artist talk at 1C03 // Alleged human smuggler pleads ‘not guilty’ // Ten Ten Sinclair strike ends // Feds probe alleged China spying in Winnipeg

  • Council votes to open Portage and Main

    The City of Winnipeg council members have voted in favour of reopening Portage Avenue and Main Street for pedestrians.

  • ‘I think (Winnipeggers are) addicted to ice cream’

    Two of Winnipeg’s most iconic ice-cream shops are now open for the season and have already had customers lined up at their door despite a lapse in warm weather.

  • U of W faculty no longer working under expired contract

    After nearly a full academic year at the bargaining table, the University of Winnipeg (U of W) and the U of W Faculty Association (UWFA) ratified a collective agreement for 340 regular academic staff in early March.

  • Dr. Jobb Arnold, associate professor of conflict resolution studies

    For Dr. Jobb Arnold, home is not only a physical space, but a psychic one.

  • University of Winnipeg rebuilding services after cyber attack

    University of Winnipeg (U of W) staff are working “day and night” to restore the school’s critical web services following what they’re calling a criminal cyber attack they discovered on Sunday, March 24. In the meantime, it’s clear that the outages will have significant repercussions for U of W students and faculty.

  • Campus briefs


  • Commuting through enshittification

    I spent many of my formative years speeding down the information superhighway, hanging out, making friends and getting into trouble. Like a digital version of the teens in American Graffiti or Dazed and Confused, cruising through cyberspace was a liberating experience connecting me to a new world of possibility.

  • The isolation/freedom dichotomy of self-employment

    I quit my office job last June in what I thought would be a liberating, career-boosting move. I expected to bask in the freedom of self-employed work, but instead it left me feeling isolated.

  • Haiku Horoscopes