Volume 78, Number 19

Published February 29, 2024

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  • The obituary from Hell

    While editing local news stories for this week’s issue of The Uniter, I was distracted by a news alert on my phone. I usually pay these no mind when I’m deep in production of the paper, but the photo in my peripheral vision caught my eye. The long hair and dark eyes were unmistakably those of comedian and actor Richard Lewis.

  • Winterpeg or Warmerpeg?

    Although Winnipeg is known as a winter city, there are many days during the season when it’s too cold to spend time outdoors. But this year, it’s the warmer temperatures that are keeping people off the ice.

  • Singing strong in the face of antisemitism

    For those who may initially scoff at the premise of Pain to Power: A Kanye West Musical Protest, director and co-creator Dan Petrenko wants to set the record straight.

  • The exchange got soul

    After 40 years of supporting local artists, and seven generations of fine-art framing, Jeffrey Gasenzer and his father, Jeff, closed Fleet Galleries on Albert Street in the Exchange District in December of 2023.

  • Critipeg: The Mountaintop

    Plays at Royal MTC until March 9

  • Critipeg: Mystic Humanism

    by Jared Adams Releasing on March 15

  • Arts briefs

    An exhibition on women, art and war // A chorus of queer love // A play honouring essential workers // An antidote to writer’s – and dancer’s – block // A studio for the community // Fusing tech and tunes for a good cause

  • Bell Media layoffs slash already-thin resources

    Bell Media’s latest round of cuts and layoffs is shocking but not surprising to some local reporters and journalists.

  • City briefs

    Massive airport coke bust // Changes to nursing requirements // Former Blue Bomber Craig Roh dies // Dry winter spells drought for province // Weidman Warehouse destroyed by fire // MP Blaikie resigns

  • Zabeen Khamisa, religion and culture lecturer

    Zabeen Khamisa, a lecturer in the Department of Religion and Culture at the University of Winnipeg, moved to Winnipeg last July, eager to embark on a new chapter in her academic career.

  • What to know about the UWSA referendum

    This year’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) general-election ballots, which students can cast from March 4 to 6, include a vote on joining the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), an advocacy organization that lobbies federal politicians on issues facing post-secondary students.

  • ‘Objectivity is a myth,’ human-rights journalist says

    Jodesz Galivan’s coverage of the Philippine drug war questions the limits of journalistic objectivity in the face of overwhelming human-rights abuses.

  • UWSA general election 2024 candidates’ bios

    Voting for the UWSA General Elections 2024 takes place from Monday, March 4 to Wednesday, March 6. For more information, including candidates running for faculty director, community director and other positions, visit theuwsa.ca/elections.

  • Breaking through the Saint-Boniface ceiling

    I couldn’t wait to leave Saint-Boniface behind me when I was growing up. Yet I’m still very much nestled within its confines, not for want of trying.

  • Insufficient funds

    One of the two public tennis courts a block from my downtown apartment has been missing a net since the fall. This was a more pressing issue in October, when temperatures were above freezing and the surface was still playable – but just barely.

  • Campus briefs