UWSA general election 2024 candidates’ bios

Voting for the UWSA General Elections 2024 takes place from Monday, March 4 to Wednesday, March 6.

Voting for the UWSA General Elections 2024 takes place from Monday, March 4 to Wednesday, March 6. For more information, including candidates running for faculty director, community director and other positions, visit theuwsa.ca/elections.

NAME: Tomiris Kaliyeva

RUNNING FOR: President

My name is Tomiris Kaliyeva, I’m an international student from Kazakhstan. I am the current president of the UWSA. Some of my biggest wins, amongst many others, are the period products in washrooms, the student’s saver menu in Diversity, and the government’s promise to reinstate international students’ healthcare. I have also added games in the UWSA lounge, bringing students together. Additionally, a lot of work has been done to better security services and promote Safe Ride. If I get the honour to serve for one more year, I am planning to:

Expand on the menstrual product initiative, putting more dispensers in gender-neutral washrooms on campus and Manitoba Hall

Continued work in improving pricing at Diversity Foods
Improved security, a better safe ride mechanism with less waiting times

Lounge upgrades: new furniture, a mural to celebrate diversity on campus, and more pool tables

More events on campus; a big roll call with more freebies More outlets in classrooms

Development of a counsellor helpline for in-the-moment mental health support

Reflecting on my achievements, experience, and professionalism, I assure you that I am the best candidate for this position, and I hope for your vote!

NAME: Alan Saji

RUNNING FOR: President

Slate The Luminaries

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” - Marianne Williamson

I am Alan Saji Koshy (He/Him), a third-year student at the University of Winnipeg, studying Physics and Philosophy. I am running for UWSA President, alongside my slate, The Luminaries, bringing every problem and its solution to light!

Having dedicated a massive part of my life to help and contribute to community, I thrive amongst people. With 500+ hours of accountable community service and volunteering, I am confident in dedicating my time for service. Having worked for the UWSA, Rec-Services and Student Recruitment, I am always of service to the students.

I am vocal and not one to be shunned away by bureaucracy or oppression. My slate reflects the same and hopes to bring a more approachable, transparent and vocal UWSA, improving on every front with divisive plans and relentless effort.

I urge everyone to come forward and vote. Your voice and your vote has the power to bring change and shape this University’s vibrant and diverse community. Let’s continue to stand together and make our voices heard!

NAME: Christine Abantika Quiah

RUNNING FOR: President

Slate Student Advocacy

Hello all, my name is Christine, and I am your current Vice President of Student Affairs. I am an international student from Bangladesh, completing my third year, majoring in Conflict Resolution and minoring in Criminal Justice. And I am delighted to announce my candidacy for President this time.

Working as your VPSA, has been as amazing as it has been chaotic. I am currently collaborating with faculties and deans to address misconduct issues. While I believe I have fulfilled most of the promises I made, I recognize there is more we can do. We have strengthened bridges and improved relationships with departments, and some of our initiatives is a success. I believe my leadership qualities will bring a different structure, and directors will be more actively engaged with incentives, making UWSA more accessible to students. We will advocate for more collaborations, being active both on and off-campus, and bringing in opportunities to assist students.

Throughout this past year, my doors have been open for students to reach out, and this will not change if you choose me as your President. I enjoy engaging in conversations and love resolving conflicts.

Stay tuned, get to know your candidates, and remember to vote!

NAME: Jashanpreet Singh

RUNNING FOR: President

Slate Change

In his bid for UWSA president, Jashanpreet Singh Bhari, a dedicated second-year international student, highlights his commitment to enhancing student life at the university. As the current Recreational and Athletics Director for the UWSA, Bhari has actively participated in various initiatives aimed at fostering student unity, including food drives and intermural activities.

Under his slate, “TEAM CHANGE,” Jashanpreet pledges to prioritize accessibility by ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality menstrual products and affordable food options for students. Transparency is a cornerstone of his platform, promising to provide weekly reports on UWSA’s activities, drawing inspiration from UofM’s UMSU.

Recognizing the importance of representing the diverse needs of international students, Bhari advocates for reserved seats for international students, bursaries, and U-Pass subsidies.

Additionally, his team plans to address parking concerns, advocating for flexible parking hours to accommodate students’ schedules effec- tively.

With a focus on unity and student engagement, Bhari and his team aim to establish open channels for communication between students and the administration. They invite the student body to vote for the “THE CHANGE” and work together towards a better university experience.

NAME: Patrick Trudeau

RUNNING FOR: President

Slate #forthefuture

Hello everyone! I am Patrick Trudeau. I am a Political Science major at UWinnipeg, and I am running for the position of UWSA President with my slate Diya Kapoor and Kushneet Kaur. After being a Uwinnipeg student for several years, I know how important it is for everyone to have an environment to succeed academically. There

is a set of issues students are facing in 2024, so I believe it is vital we make improvements to issues pertaining to security, providing products, medical care and Affordability. Each student who attends the University of Winnipeg should feel safe, which is why I will work with the UWSA to hire a retired professional who can suggest security measures which can be implemented.

Providing extensive medical resources is vital; as President, I will work to ensure that students are able to receive adequate medical treatment by establishing a helpline. Additional products for students will also be present, such as menstrual products for women.

The student experience at the University of Winnipeg should be high quality; I will work to attract more businesses to campus to ensure students have more places to eat, improving affordability through more business competition.

NAME: Abdelrahman Abdelmeguid

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President External Affairs

Slate Student Advocacy

I am Abdelrahman Abdelmeguid, also known as Abdo, an Egyptian international student pursuing a major in business and administration in my third year. My professional journey has led me through the realms of marketing and sales, where I’ve cultivated a strategic mindset akin to that of a seasoned salesman.

My experiences have granted me a profound understanding of the university system, allowing me to identify key areas for improvement in students’ overall experience. Having navigated challenges in my initial year, I recognize the significance of a holistic student life. Known for my commitment, not only evident in my regular presence at the gym but also in my dedication to fostering diversity and creativity within our academic community.

I am eager to bring forth my energy and knowledge as your prospective VPEA, dedicated to enhancing your university experience. I humbly seek your support, as your vote is essential for me to contribute meaningfully to our academic community.

NAME: Chhavi Dhir

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President External Affairs

Slate The Luminaries

Hello! I am Chhavi Dhir (She/Her), a third-year international student, pursuing BA Psychology. I am excited to announce my candidacy for Vice President External Affairs alongside my slate The Luminaries. I am actively involved in the community by being part of various student groups, being the UWSA Emerging Leader Director, International Student Mentor, Resident Advisor, Peer wellness Educator and working with Sexual Violence Response Team. With these positions, I have dedicated myself to supporting peers in navigating mental health challenges and promoting well-being through workshops, events, and one-on-one interactions. I’m proud of spearheading the annual Gala for International students, providing a platform for cultural diversity, and fostering community engagement, exemplifying my commitment to creating a supportive environment where all students are valued and included. Through this, I’ve gained insights into university and student association policies, aiming to implement and amend them to ensure accountability to students.

If elected, I will fight for better resources, reducing tuition, healthcare, mental health resources, better student/study spaces, and increase support/opportunities for students. I believe in collaboration and inclusivity and, commitment to fostering a supportive, safe, inclusive, and empowering environment.

Your vote has the power to bring change, so let us make our voices heard.

NAME: Saurav Dhand

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President External Affairs

Slate Change

Meet Saurav Dhand, a candidate for UWSA Vice President External Affairs with Team Change! He’s passionate about ensuring every student at the University of Winnipeg feels included and heard. Serving as the Vice President of the Indian Student Association, Saurav is dedicated to uniting people and ensuring everyone’s voice counts.

Despite being in his second year studying computer science, Saurav understands the diverse needs of students and aims to provide equal opportunities and access to resources for all. With Team Change, he emphasizes transparency, responsiveness, and accountability within the student government.

Saurav prioritizes celebrating diversity and advocating for the needs of international students. He believes in providing support, such as transit assistance and reserved seating, to ensure they feel valued and included on campus.

Vote for progress and unity with Saurav and “TEAM CHANGE”, as they strive to create an inclusive campus environment where every student can thrive.

NAME: Khushneet Kaur

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President External Affairs

Slate #forthefuture

I’m Khushneet Kaur, a third-year biochemistry student with aspirations for medicine I am running for the position of Vice President External Affairs under the #forthefuture slate along Diya and Patrick. Our primary goal is to transition from the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) to the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). Let me break down the difference between the two:

Currently, CFS charges $165k/year, while CASA charges $90k/ year. Switching to CASA would save students approximately $50,000 while offering better coverage through Blue Cross health plans compared to Green Shield. CASA also boasts a larger lobby week than CFS, providing more opportunities for executives to advocate for student interests with federal politicians.

With the savings, we plan to support student groups, creating more on-campus job opportunities. Additionally, we’re committed to providing free menstrual products in every washroom, hosting podcasts with guest speakers from various professions to help students clarify their career goals. Our initiatives extend to free financial literacy and immigration advising sessions through the Alliance of Business Chambers, leveraging our connections with Canadian associations and licensed immigration advisors.

I urge you to vote for the future. Your support ensures we fulfill every promise made, shaping a brighter tomorrow together. Thank you

NAME: Melody Olowo

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President External Affairs

Greetings UWinnipeg! My name is Melody Olowo, a second-year student pursuing a major in business and economics born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am attuned to the unspoken challenges faced by fellow international students and non international students, recognizing their potential impact on their overall well-being and mental health.

With my understanding and commitment to positive change, I offer to serve as Vice President of External Affairs. My advocacy centres on amplifying the voices of marginalised students, both within and beyond the institutional boundaries. I aspire to foster an inclusive and supportive environment that prioritises student wellness and offer a voice that speaks for you and create room for you to be heard.

If entrusted with this role, I pledge to make every student feel welcomed, heard and seen.Let’s cultivate a community where each member is valued.

I require your trust and your vote to make this into reality. Thank you.

NAME: Abrar Abdelmahmoud

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President Student Affairs

Slate Student Advocacy

Hello! I am Abrar Abdelmahmoud, a fourth-year neuroscience major at the University of Winnipeg. I am excited to announce my candidacy for Vice president of student affairs. I firmly believe in my leadership abilities and I am eager to bring them forward to enhance campus life at the University of Winnipeg.

Currently, I am a research assistant in the psychology department. Beyond my involvement in research, I am a volunteer at the Immigrant and Refugee community of Manitoba where I engage and support immigrant and refugee communities.

My vision is simple: I want to breathe new energy into our campus culture. That means advocating for the establishment of more sports teams on campus, supporting student clubs to take a more active role in campus activities, and implementing mentorship programs to ensure all students have access to valuable guidance and resources.

The university years are pivotal in shaping our lives and looking back we should cherish positive memories of our experiences on campus. With your support, I am confident we can create a campus community that thrives on inclusivity, engagement, and support for all its mem- bers. So please vote for me, Abrar Abdelmahmoud as your next vice president of student affairs.

NAME: Diya Kapoor

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President Student Affairs

Slate #forthefuture

As your Vice President, I, Diya Kapoor, a 2nd-year business student, along with my slate Patrick Trudeau and Khushneet Kaur, vow to support you beyond academics. We as a team have to offer career clarity via seminars and 50+ financial literacy sessions have already been done with our network of 20+ banks and firms. Our goal is that every graduating student has wealth-building wisdom. We’ve also already established a 24/7 immigration helpline for international students on instagram. While we can’t promise sudden fee reductions or new cafes, here’s what’s your future looks like - Don’t worry about purchasing textbooks you got access to online PDFs. You have access to health helpline assistance where a nurse walks to you, be it for menstrual cramps or anxiety. Pretty ladies have non-expired menstrual products in all campus washrooms in a cute basket. You are included in the university lottery grant system, funded smartly from the university’s budget. Simplified U-pass opt-out conditions. You have invitations to social and networking events at UofM. And There is a lot more which could’nt be fit into 200 words.

NAME: Parth Kaushik

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President Student Affairs

Slate Change

Parth Kaushik, a current UWSA Senator and an international student, is vying for the role of Vice President Student Affairs. His decision stemmed from a crucial observation: the disconnect between the current leadership and UWSA Senators, a key aspect outlined in the bylaws. With a profound understanding of governance acquired through his Senate experience, Parth is poised to fill this gap, ensuring effective coordination and representation.

Central to Parth’s vision is student accountability. His slate pledges regular office hours for directors and executives to facilitate direct student engagement, fostering transparency and responsiveness within the student government. Parth and his Slate advocates for various student-centric initiatives, including improving access to menstrual products, expanding scholarship opportunities, subsidizing Peggo cards, introducing flexible parking options, and implementing affordable meal plans.

Driven by a commitment to student welfare, Parth and his team stand as advocates for positive change. They promise proactive and inclusive leadership, dedicated to addressing student concerns and enhancing the overall student experience

NAME: Arundhatti Muthu

RUNNING FOR: Vice-President Student Affairs

Slate The Luminaries

“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts” - Leo Tolstoy

Hello everyone! I am Arundhatti Muthu. I am running for the position of Vice President of Student Affairs and I am part of The Luminaries slate. Our slate illuminates the issues for the students.

I am a fourth year business student majoring in accounting and international business. I aim to enlighten students on them as well as help them navigate through them. I would also strive to make procedures and policies transparent to everyone.

I have always been someone who helps in any way I can and I believe my exposure to different perspectives has made me more adept. I would love to see the university grow beyond its current stage and improve the student life of many who choose our university.

I urge everyone to vote. Please consider us and our ideas. Your voice and your vote has the power to bring change and shape this University’s vibrant and diverse community. Let’s continue to stand together and make our united voice heard!

Published in Volume 78, Number 19 of The Uniter (February 29, 2024)

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