Volume 69, Number 4

Published September 24, 2014

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  • The Creeps

    A feel-good comic about two unnamed characters and their delightful journeys through universally hilarious themes like hatred, misery, uncontrollable rage, disease and rash, delusion, agoraphobia, paranoia, jealousy, greed, bitterness, binge eating, slothfulness, and death, lots and lots of death; also, deformity, flatulence, boogers, nosebleeds, bowel movements, and the eating of unappetizing things.

  • Corporate sponsorship at the University of Winnipeg

    The morning of Wednesday, Sept. 10 marked a sudden change of scenery at the University of Winnipeg. Students were met with a giant decal advertising local top 40 radio station Energy 106 on the staircase leading up to CKUW, the University’s not-for-profit, volunteer driven campus radio station.

  • Say it ain’t sew

    Andee Penner is known for her hyper-local, Winnipeg-themed garments and greeting cards, and for eight years she’s made a living on her handmade goods.

  • Meet your mayoral candidates: Paula Havixbeck

    Just like Peter Warren, Paula Havixbeck gets right down to business. It’s a trait she carries with her through the corridors of City Hall and the stairwells of
    her homestead. 

  • Rocking the boat by rocking the vote

    The downward trend of voter turnout across all demographics in Canada is well-documented and is especially true of Indigenous populations. Aboriginal peoples historically have lower voting rates than non-Aboriginals for a variety of reasons, but Sylvia Boudreau’s aim is to change that.

  • Picking and choosing

    I’m going to express an opinion that may be unpopular amongst many of my friends.

  • Planes, trains & automobiles

    There are many ways to get around a country the size of Canada.

  • Collaborative chuckles

    The Winnipeg Improv Festival is just around the corner.

  • Viva Mexico!

    Outside the West End Cultural Centre, a cool breeze announces the impending arrival of fall.

  • In the clouds

    Local experimental musicians and filmmakers are about to take over Manitoba Hydro Place for Suspended Animation, an event that will feature the screening of local experimental films alongside a live soundtrack.

  • A Walk Among the Tombstones

    A Walk Among the Tombstones is the new film from writer-director Scott Frank. Despite a 25-year career as a screenwriter for such blockbusters as Get Shorty and Minority Report, he only has one previous directing credit, the excellent 2007 crime thriller The Lookout (lensed in Winnipeg). 

  • Fashion Streeter

    The Uniter Fashion Streeter is an ongoing documentation of creative fashion in Winnipeg inspired by the Helsinki fashion blog www.hel-looks.com. Each issue will feature a new look from our city’s streets and bars in an attempt to encourage individual expression and celebrate that you are really, really good looking.

  • Canadian History X

    Canada is a diverse country. This makes the nation attractive to people from around the world, and is an asset and strength to Canada as a leader in multiculturalism, and human rights around the world. Over the past century, millions of immigrants settled and helped to build this country – physically, culturally and historically.

  • Pelts, powwows & projection art

    Rest assured: Artsfest is a far more exciting event than what the rather underwhelming name might suggest. The gargantuan festival, now entering its second year, features everything from Ancient Roman artifacts to oral history workshops, powwow presentations and a life-sized fully functioning catapult. Check out these artists and more at the University of Winnipeg’s Artsfest.

  • Homestar dancer

    The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is opening its 2014/15 season by focusing on a subject that might seem an unlikely choice to aficionados of the dance form. Going Home Star - Truth and Reconciliation, the new work developed by artistic director André Lewis, examines the untold aftershocks of the Indian residential school system.

  • Caribou

    Man, this thing is a trip. I haven’t ever properly digested a Caribou record before, just the odd free download here and there, so hi. 

  • The Rural Alberta Advantage

    Bookended by the infectious team of “Our Love…” and “…On the Run,” this third LP finds Nils, Amy and Paul in superfine form. 

  • North Atlantic Explorers

    This whimsical concept album from members of Destroyer and Belle & Sebastian is super atmospheric, lush and beautiful. 

  • Rich Aucoin

    You can’t just listen to Rich Aucoin, you have to experience Rich Aucoin. 

  • The grand optimist

    Winnipeg’s Nic Dyson first picked up a guitar when he was eight. While in high school he was inspired by his friends to start singing, and 2012 saw the release of the Dreaming Under a Broken Tree EP. This past August, the 20-year-old Dyson self-released his debut full-length record, This One’s For You.

  • Pop pop perfection

    When Winnipeg pop duo We Won the War formed last year, Tyler Del Pino, 27, and Ryan Cheung, 28, had already been making music together for years - they just had to give it a name. The partnership between the Fort Richmond Collegiate grads, both actively working behind the scenes in music production, writing and publishing, quickly turned into something serious, resulting in them placing other projects on the back burner.

  • Unpopular opinions

    A few weeks ago, my partner and I went on a trip to Minneapolis to see a couple of concerts (the Replacements and the Dandy Warhols, and yes, at both shows we were among the youngest people there by 15 years). We do this trip once or twice a year to see bands that will never come here and purchase Jif peanut butter.

  • Whose House? Roland’s House.

    Roland Penner - author, lawyer, retired politician and former Dean of Law at the University of Manitoba - remembers a quote from novelist Nancy Huston: “The scenes of our childhood form the seal of our identity.” The seeds of Penner’s political career, a celebrated one that brought about the first human rights legislation in Manitoba, were planted in his own childhood.