Volume 68, Number 18

Published January 29, 2014

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  • What a ‘Drag

    The closing of the business occupying the main floor of the Autonomous Zone at 91 Albert Street will undoubtedly leave a hole in the heart of the Exchange District.

  • What do you think about the closing of Mondragon after 20 years in business?

    What do you think about the closing of Mondragon after 20 years in business?

  • Climbing for a cause

    Winnipegger Marissa Zurba has been doing a lot of stairs lately, and not just to stay in shape during the winter. Zurba is going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise $5,000 for SOS Children’s Villages.

  • Obsessed with weight

    Take a moment to think about how you see yourself in terms of health and body image.

  • Looking deeper

    Commentators and leaders in the indigenous community lined up to oppose the recent disruption of a presentation by former National Chief Phil Fontaine at the University of Winnipeg. The talk was intended to provide insight into some of the shifts and changes witnessed during his time in positions of leadership. 

  • Phil Fontaine and conversation

    On January 22, Phil Fontaine, former Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, was scheduled to speak at the University of Winnipeg on “First Nations issues in the past, present, and future”.

  • Full Steam ahead

    This year the makers of Steam, a digital distribution platform, will release the Steam Machine, a PC-based console that hopes to bring Steam compatible games from your office into your living room. 

  • Reel Green in 2014

    From the UWSA Bike Lab to the compostable spoons at Pangea’s Kitchen, the University of Winnipeg is building a reputation as a green space in the heart of downtown. The majority of these efforts are thanks to Manitoba Eco-Network, whose work with EcoPIA and the Campus Sustainability office keeps the UW up to date on green practices.

  • Spring & Arnaud

    Love stories will always be popular. Everyone can relate to the desire for love, and some of the most beloved movies ever are about courtship and romance.

  • I, Frankenstein

    People like to throw the word “ridiculous” around pretty casually. I’m guilty of this myself. Quite frequently, I find myself using the word “ridiculous” without really thinking about what it means.

  • Bigger than Yeezus

    Electric Reel Productions’ Avery Stedman and rapper SMRT are a couple of straight up dudes. They’re the kind of guys you would watch in movies from the late ‘90s and go “I’d like to drink Slurpees with them at the skate park.”

  • A rose by any other name…

    It’s 400 some years old, but the Bard’s tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers is as relevant as ever.

  • Alone in a crowd

    The Wilderness of Manitoba hails from Toronto, not the Land of 100,000 Lakes. But even in Canada’s biggest city, one can feel like they’re drowning in loneliness.

  • There’s no time like the present

    Having recently left a professional career as a teacher, Kevin Roy made a decision, “it’s now or never” to make his lifelong passion his new career. 

  • The Intersection with Jodie Layne

    Those iconic stripes seem to be everywhere recently, especially if you’re on Instagram. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see someone cozied up with their point blanket or the hashtag #stripespotting under a picture featuring one of the multitude of items bearing the yellow, red, green and blue. And there is a multitude of items comprising the ‘HBC Collection’: $125 flasks, $400 purses and $7,500 canoes among them.

  • Whose House? Scott Nolan’s House

    You know when you love something so much that you want it all the time? Scott Nolan has definitely done that with the creation of his own backyard music studio.

  • Hit Record

    Whether you’re looking to record something in a basement or head into a professional studio, Winnipeg has no shortage of options for musicians who want to make albums.