Volume 67, Number 8

Published October 24, 2012

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  • Fashion Streeter

    I like pairing classics with new favourite pieces.
  • My never-ending quest for Zen

    A little over three years ago, I embarked on a quest of epic proportions. After years of floating through life with no real aim or purpose, I had to make a change.

  • Sweet moves at the Duckworth Centre

    You have probably marveled at the dance/fight acrobatics of capoeira before, either as featured in ‘90s rebel-high school-redemption flick Only the Strong and Vincent Cassel’s brilliant laser evasion scene in Ocean’s Twelve or, most likely, at the most bedazzling annual cultural performance in Winnipeg each year, the Brazilian Folklorama pavilion.

  • Recipe: Pumpkin Ranger Cookies

    Eating one piece of pumpkin pie (OK - 3 pieces) at Thanksgiving doesn’t satisfy my pumpkin craving for the year. It only whets my appetite.

  • Beauty in the slow decay

    Despite conjuring up images of kitsch-crafters arranging dried petals on paper at the kitchen table, “flower art” remains the simplest description of 21-year-old University of Winnipeg German studies student Joel Penner’s latest project, Momentary Vitality, which is anything but vapid and pastoral.

  • Film premiere reveals the cosmic brilliance of the ancient Maya

    According to the film 2012: The Beginning, the hysteria of impending doom for human civilization surrounding Dec. 21 and the Mayan calendar is dead wrong.

  • The man behind Manborg

    Astron-6 is a five-man diaspora of Winnipeg-bred filmmakers all intent on recreating the filmic classics and atrocities of their youths.

  • Jokes fall flat, but locally-shot sci-fi parody is worth watching

    Manborg is the second feature film release by Canadian ‘80s cult revivalists Astron-6, whose first feature, Father’s Day, garnered international attention for its inventive and audacious satire and piqued the interest of genre film stalwarts Troma, who picked it up for distribution.

  • Punk author gets personal

    Chris Walter is in town for the weekend with back-to-back events.

  • The Pack A.D. lurch into town with monster sound

    The Pack A.D. has done a lot in the four years since signing with Mint Records.

  • Environment or economy a difficult trade-off

    On Oct. 1, I was extremely privileged to have former CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin, and academic, broadcaster and superstar environmentalist David Suzuki in the CKUW studio.

  • Manitoba still lacking solid environmental plan

    Once again, the Manitoba government has put out another document in its feeble attempt to promote a real, solid, economically powerful vision of sustainable development for this province.

  • The enlightened sexist

    You like to think you’re a conscientious dude.

  • Print isn’t done, but the jig is up

    If one were following the recent discussion of the future of Winnipeg media over the past weeks, one would be well served to take a step back, given the reactionary assessments of the two recent, unsurprising spates of layoffs in this city’s print media sector.

  • Caffeinated chocolate: energy’s new flavour

    As 20-somethings and university students are well aware, caffeine is the beez-neez.

  • Keeping up the momentum

    Amid controversy over a possible name change, the Wesmen volleyball teams prepare for a new season.

  • Wesmen Briefs

    Women’s soccer wrap up regular season; Men’s soccer win final home match

  • Campus News Briefs

    Revisiting Rooster Town; Richardson College wins accessibility award; Ida Albo honoured; Arctic discussions come to U of W

  • Heritage rivers under threat

    Proposed legislative changes in the federal government’s omnibus budget bill will strip away protections from the majority of Canada’s waterbodies, environmentalists say.

  • Premier courts trade with China while critics decry dangers to sovereignty

    Despite fears and objections from experts and the federal opposition, the Manitoba NDP is moving towards integration with China - just like their federal Conservative counterparts.

  • Spectator Tribune launches online amid reports of Uptown layoffs

    As another wave of job cuts strike Winnipeg’s print media landscape - this time hitting the Winnipeg Free Press-owned Uptown Magazine - one local entrepreneur has his sights set on the virtual gap being left behind.

  • Fox and Fiddle brings new life to the Exchange

    The most recent player in the Exchange District’s ongoing business resurgence comes from an unlikely place.

  • What do you think of recent business development in the Exchange District?

    What do you think of recent business development in the Exchange District? Are you excited about what is happening in the area?

  • Local News Briefs

    Native women’s summit criticized; Two inner-city grocery stores announce closure; Fifth arrest in Bruce homicide; Katz sells company back to Sheegl; Zoo to house endangered horses

  • International News Briefs

    Independence vote coming to Scotland; Anti-corruption activism resumes; Video shows police burning, razing and looting; Russian leader allegedly discussed mass disorder