Volume 67, Number 16

Published January 16, 2013

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  • How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

    Every Jan. 1, people make a pledge.

  • Naan of your business

    Winnipeg is quickly becoming known as a great place to find delicious food from across the globe, so I was eager to check out Arkadash Bistro & Lounge to see what they contribute to the diverse local food scene.

  • Hockey’s back?

    The NHL drops the puck this Saturday, Jan. 19, kicking off a 48-game regular season schedule, a season shortened by the 113-day lockout of the league’s players by its owners.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I don’t like to be bulky in the winter. Having to be warm doesn’t mean having to be dumpy.
  • Hips don’t lie

    It’s mid-January - that precarious time of year when the novelty of New Year’s resolutions to get fit are starting to wear off… or have already dissipated.

  • Jeff Funnell’s five favorite underrated artists

    Jeff Funnell is a Winnipeg artist through and through. Admittedly isolated and underrated, the only reason he stays in this city is because his cat is here and won’t let him leave.

  • Don’t panic, it’s nothing major

    After a brief stint on Interscope Records, Maryland’s favourite punks, All Time Low, returned back home to indie label Hopeless and the band couldn’t be happier.

  • ‘We were already having a sound and vibe that were making people stop’

    While most Canadian twenty-somethings agonize over the minutia of poor job prospects and their grade point averages, Franklin Fernando is debating whether to return to his native Sri Lanka to fight for the rights of his people, the oft-demonized Tamils.

  • Local group proves that powerful reggae can emerge from any setting

    Formed in July 2010, RasTamils is a rising Winnipeg soul reggae band that projects themes of social justice, life, and revolution in its music that is at once sonically groovy and ambitiously international.


    There’s one thing consistent about the three full-length releases from Mat Klachefsky’s Boats project - that the discs sound big, lush and hyper produced in all the right ways thanks to Ryan McVeigh’s production, the mixing of Dave Carswell (New Pornographers) and the mastering of Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene).

  • Mobina Galore

    Winnipeg by way of BC duo Jenna Pristner (vocals/guitars) and Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals) unleashes five dirty yet polished tracks on its latest offering.

  • Django entertains, but a social commentary it is not

    Still, after more than two weeks, acclaimed director Spike Lee’s tweet seems to perfectly encapsulate viewer anxieties surrounding one of 2012’s most successful films, Django Unchained.

  • Idle No More not slowing down

    So, how about that Idle No More?

  • ‘The value was in the whole experience’

    Just as soon as the Wesmen women’s basketball team began a month-long break from regular season games, they were packing their bags and heading overseas.

  • U-Pass negotiations find tension before they begin

    As student groups and Winnipeg Transit are set to begin negotiations on the creation of a universal bus pass this week, the two groups are at odds over how soon it will be implemented.

  • Three current game-changers in downtown development

    What was for years Winnipeg’s biggest of big-screens, the IMAX theatre in Portage Place, is set to close this March after the property’s owner, the Forks North Portage Partnership (FNPP), announced it had become financially unviable.

  • Youth-led anti-violence movement celebrates one-year anniversary

    More than a year after it formed, a youth-led anti-violence movement in the North End continues to chip away at crime in the community.

  • Residents of Exchange group decry parking problems

    Exchange District residents and business owners will have to wait until summer to find out how the city plans to address controversial parking policies that have resulted in the closure of one business and the widespread annoyance of neighbourhood residents.

  • Campus infrastructure under fire

    As the University of Winnipeg’s newly renovated AnX building receives criticism of its design, rumours of the university’s interference in the design process have emerged.

  • A reincarnated classic

    There’s no question 555 Osborne, a cozy, sign-less live music venue and pub tucked away a few blocks south of Confusion Corner, has the Winnipeg market for Thai restaurant basement bars cornered.