Volume 66, Number 8

Published October 19, 2011

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  • Quit playing games

    If you follow my blog you know that I often struggle with the notion of game playing.

  • The right space can make or break your creative vision

    It may not be as profound as inspiration or as complex as technique, but the place and the space where art happens play an important role in the creative process.

  • Cadavers as company

    Ever wonder how those horror films scare the hell out of you?

  • Local graphic and advertising house works with Winnipeg clients and beyond

    Founded in 1999, local graphics and advertising house Guppy Graphic Design is essential to local businesses and musicians, but they also do a lot of work out of province.

  • One drop at a time

    The artist’s clock does not run on eight-hour workdays; it is a fickle machine given to periods of static followed by volleys of energetic output.

  • Two decades of independent fashion

    Twenty years ago, Wendy Waters travelled to Berlin where her love of vintage fashion bloomed.  Dissatisfied with her line of work, Waters returned home anxious to build a career that would allow her to balance family life and exercise her creativity at the same time.

  • ‘Rolling Oyster Revue’ not just a name

    The best way to think about Paper Lions’ Rolling Oyster Revue tour is as a recipe: it’s going to be one half delicious, thoughtful pop music and one half delicious oysters.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Delhi 2 Dublin talks diversity and world domination

    Last November, when Delhi 2 Dublin playeda sold-out show at Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre, the floor reportedly shook and there were reports from unsuspecting neighbors of earthquake-like tremors around the West End area.

  • Vancouver’s Rococode: Stepping into the spotlight

    “I’ve watched so many interviews over the last five years but it’s definitely weird, especially when you feel like you’re speaking for three other people as well,” says Rococode co-leader Andrew Braun. “I try to think about it as talking about a band as opposed to myself.”

  • Fashion Streeter

    Whatever is around, that inspires me.
  • Manmade famine

    Last week kidnappers snatched two Spanish aid workers from the Dadaab refugee camp on the Somali-Kenya border, which put Somalia back in the news.

  • Creating a solution

    Perhaps the most important baseline in an economy is energy use. Energy is what makes the global economy go around. Without energy, the transportation, commercial and manufacturing sectors would have a very hard time functioning, and the global economy would face serious challenges.

  • The total answer?

    Every drunk driving story in the media wrenches our hearts and angers us more than the last. Too often it seems the victims are young and promising - and their lives are cut short because of one individual’s carelessness.

  • Taking a brands-off approach

    The walk headed west down one particular block of Corydon Avenue takes one past a sushi bar, some vaguely trendy boutique, a South Asian tandoori restaurant, a candy store and another sushi bar.

  • So what’s your point?

    What began as a small protest outside of the New York Stock Exchange on Sept. 17 has since exploded into an international phenomenon known as the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  • The debate over freedom of expression on campus

    The upcoming publication of the Campus Freedom Index raises questions about the University of Winnipeg’s capacity for supporting freedom of expression on campus.

  • New student group explores meditation and the art of de-stressing

    Have you ever been stressed out about classes or work and needed a way to de-stress?

  • Wesmen baseball team raises $13,000 for its program

    After years of coaching competitive baseball, Mike Krykewich and Guy Yerama decided it was time that a Manitoban university had a men’s baseball team.

  • Keystone Pipeline hearings over, but debate still on

    Public hearings on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline ended earlier this month, but the effects of environmentalist protests to the project remain to be seen.

  • Exchange District branding marginalizes artists, says professor

    For two years, University of Manitoba sociology professor Sonia Bookman has interviewed countless residents in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, slowly uncovering how a multi-year process of branding the area has changed, for better or worse, the neighbourhood’s unique creative spirit.

  • A-Zone hoping for cause to celebrate this Co-op Week

    It’s National Co-op Week, an annual celebration aiming to raise public awareness of Canadian co-operatives. And for a group of worker co-operatives in Winnipeg’s downtown, it could be the week to learn if they’ll succeed in their bid to buy the building they occupy.

  • Winnipeg gets advice from a ‘one man committee’

    When it comes to cities, the devil is in the details, says local blogger Walter Krawec.

  • Freedom of Expression on University Campuses

    Do you think universities uphold and encourage freedom of expression? Why or why not?


    On its third full-length album, Toronto trio Elliott BROOD is using electric guitar for the first time, and it sounds great.


    The just-sweet-enough (and only once or twice too-sweet) vocals of school teacher by day/sister-in-law of Hayden by night Lou Canon are infectious and lovely, and are perfectly accented by the sparse, poppy instrumentation of Canon and her kin.


    The Paint Movement’s self-titled debut is incredibly reminiscent of a Broken Social Scene record - throughout the album, I had to remind myself that I was not listening to the Brendan Canning-fronted ensemble.


    This 12” from Vancouver retro rockers Yukon Blonde is somewhat of a bridge to the next record, but it acts as its own little animal.


    Every day for 10 days, the members of Tokyo Police Club locked themselves in the studio and gave themselves 10 hours to rehearse and record a song from each year of the past decade.

  • Local News Brief

    Demolition approved of former A&B Sound building; City sets $10M aside for rapid transit condo developments; Jury to deliberate verdicts in murder case; Executive policy committee fails to approve garbage, recycling plan; Winnipeg’s own beer on the way

  • International News Briefs

    Cholera outbreak ravaging Africa; Australia to introduce carbon emission tax ; Amnesty International tells Ottawa to arrest Bush; U.S. accuses Iran of planning Saudi ambassador’s murder; BP and contractors face $45M in safety fines

  • Campus News Briefs

    Brandon University staff on picket line; U of W, Ford partner for presentation; UWSA announces Student Group Fair; Buy a pumpkin, support an inner-city athlete