Volume 66, Number 17

Published January 25, 2012

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  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • A great destination for a nice meal

    Only minutes from the University of Winnipeg, the Ellice Cafe and Theatre combines a warm, unpretentious atmosphere with a good selection of home-style dishes that will take your mind off even the coldest Winnipeg day.

  • Playing it personal

    Imagine, one day, a loved one disappears without a trace.

  • Program development begins in Cisco Centre

    On Jan. 1, Professor Herbert Enns began work as the first director of the University of Winnipeg’s Cisco Innovation Centre for Collaborative Technologies.

  • Day of Action: revolution or devolution?

    Supporters of the Canadian Federation of Students National Day of Action are preparing to march to the legislative grounds on Feb. 1 to demand lower tuition fees, more government funding and removal of interest from Manitoba Student Loans.

  • Girl, you know it’s true

    So as a comedian and lover of dorky cartoons/laser tag, I end up making a lot of guy friends.

  • Movement, progression and sound at the art gallery

    Jim Hiscott is one of the curators of GroundSwell, the influential Winnipeg music group that presents five new symphonic shows a year.

  • Needs more salt

    Lines of colour are splashed across the screen. The liquids are swirled and mixed, and it is hard to tell at times whether it is a spoon or a brush that is being used.

  • Drumming under the radar

    Aaron Edgar has been a professional drummer for his entire adult life.

  • Digging the bitumen out

    In one of my most talked about radio interviews to date, Saint Boniface Conservative MP Shelly Glover took me to task over my use of the term “tar sands” to describe the thick formations of petroleum, sand and clay that cover much of northern Alberta.

  • The death of television: impossible or inevitable?

    The way you watch television may be about to change. That is, if it hasn’t already.

  • Another one bites the dust?

    The debate on the importance of Crown corporations reached epic proportions this fall with the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), which was a Crown corporation until 1998.

  • Local News Briefs

    Local restaurateur takes Katz to court over holiday party at Hu’s; Shoal Lake First Nation set to take city to court; Chipman open to outdoor NHL game in Winnipeg; Manitoba MP takes plight of aboriginal women to the prime minister’s office; City says Guardrail safe despite out-of-date safety standards

  • Girl, you know it’s true

    So as a comedian and lover of dorky cartoons/laser tag, I end up making a lot of guy friends.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Inaugural Winnipeg Police Service scholarship awarded; UWSA/Wesmen Athletics hold Student Group basketball tournament; Starbucks and Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub now open; UWSA Day of Action slated for Feb. 1; UWSA budget consultations wrap up

  • Fashion Streeter

    Fashion and function can go together.
  • International News Briefs

    Slow reactions blamed for deaths of thousands in East Africa; Antipiracy bills lose support, enrage domains; U.S. authorities shut down popular file-sharing site; Taiwan president re-elected; Urination video mars U.S. image

  • Interesting documentary showcases Brazilian Formula 1 driver’s life in the fast lane

    This documentary from British Academy of Film and Television Arts winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia about arguably the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time, Ayrton Senna, is great, but not without its faults.

  • Breaking the silence

    Street harassment is a pervasive and largely unreported crime, and a form of violence that has become culturally acceptable across the world.

  • A nice day to start again

    The University of Winnipeg has some important decisions to make in the wake of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s recent offer to hand over its historical downtown location to the institution.

  • New MLCC regulations

    What do you think of new MLCC regulations to allow alcohol to be served in certain cineplexes?

  • Disappointed but not surprised

    Local independent theatre operators say they are disappointed but not surprised they have been excluded from recent liquor law amendments that will allow a large theatre chain to serve alcohol to moviegoers.

  • Scumday Mondays

    There’s a new place to find scum in town on a Monday night, and it’s not where you might expect.